Justin Bieber Shirtless Onstage With Rick Ross In Cannes, Parties With Adriana Lima [Video]

Justin Bieber and Rick Ross take the stage at a Cannes nightclub. Adriana Lima and socialite Paris Hilton were just two of the stars who turned up to watch the duo raise the roof.

Rick Ross may be “on the run” from a lawsuit, but on Monday, he and Justin Bieber hit the stage at a Cannes nightclub and whipped a starry crowd into a frenzy.

Ross was already pre-booked to perform at the Gotha Nightclub, so it’s likely Justin’s stage appearance surprised many club-goers.

Video footage of the duo shows Ross rapping one of his biggest hits — “B.M.F. (Blowin’ Money Fast),” a single from his 2010 album Teflon Don — while Bieber dances and pours what appears to be champagne onto the front row of the overheated crowd.

The singer wore a red and black plaid top with black leather pants arriving at the club, but later took his shirt off.

Brazilian model Adriana Lima — who Mail Online reports attended the Chopard Backstage Dinner & Afterparty at the Cannes Film Festival earlier on Monday — is seen standing next to Bieber in the video.

The pair were also snapped arriving together at Gotha in a larger group. Hours later, Justin posted an Instagram photo of himself and the newly single Adriana.

The snap is captioned “I think she foreign, I think she foreign” and are lyrics from Bieber’s “Confident” single.

(Photo: Justin and Adriana at Gotha nightclub in Cannes.)

Leonardo DiCaprio was also seen letting his hair down in the crowd, as did Paris Hilton.

The hotel heiress previously partied with Bieber on Saturday night at Busta Rhymes’ birthday party, which was held at Gotha.

TMZ have since helpfully clarified that Hilton and Justin are “not banging,” since as we know when celebrities are seen out at parties or in photos together, a sexual relationship is the next logical step.

(Photo: Justin and Adriana in Cannes.)

Ross and Bieber previously hung out in Atlanta, Georgia, in February at a club event hosted by mutual pal, rap mogul Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs.

At the time, it was rumored Bieber might cameo on Rozay’s March album Mastermind but it didn’t happen.

At some point on Monday, Justin and Rick both took to Twitter to shout-out each other.

The Canadian singer tweeted one word,” Boss,” one of Ross’ many monikers.

Likewise, the “No Games” rapper posted:

Justin, who has been in Cannes since the weekend, reportedly proved a popular guest at the Vanity Fair-Giorgio Armani hosted party at the Hotel Du Cap’ Antibes.

VF reported actress Jennifer Lawrence declared, “I want to meet Bieber!” as soon as she heard he arrived at the A-list bash. The pair later exchanged pleasantries.

It’s since been misreported by at least two outlets that The Hunger Games star turned down Bieber’s request for a photo with Lawrence.

But, the request didn’t come from Justin, as was made abundantly clear in VF’s report on the Lawrence/Bieber meet.

However, The Inquisitr contacted Vanity Fair’s Richard Lawson for solid clarification.

He confirmed, “VF asked for the photo, not Justin,” and that Lawrence’s stated reasons were that she wanted the introduction to be “real.”

Meanwhile, Bieber’s excellent Cannes adventure continues.

On Sunday, the singer was spotted wearing a tuxedo jacket at the Bungalow 8 bar for The Weinstein Company and Worldview Entertainment’s party and was later seen arriving at a yacht party.

Justin rounded off the night at Gotha partying with The Expendables 3 cast.

(Video: Bieber rapped along to the classic Tupac track “Dear Mama” during his night as hype man for Ross. )

It’s not known how long Bieber plans to stay in Cannes, but rapper buddy Lil Wayne is set to perform at Gotha on May 22, so it’s possible he will remain in the South of France until then, at least.

Who knows? The Biebs might even, you know, see a film.

(Photo: Bieber takes his shirt off at Gotha nightclub.)

(Photo: The Biebs and Rozay.)

[Image via Instagram.]

[Images via Daily Mail/VantageNews.co.uk.]

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