Mariah Carey Debuts New Single ‘You Don’t Know What To Do’ Ft. Wale On Today Show [Video]

Mariah Carey knows a thing or two about creating a buzz. The pop diva debuted her new song, “You Don’t Know What To Do,” featuring Wale, with a live performance on the Today Show on Friday and the track debuted on radio stations across the country today.

The new song is a welcome refresh to a disco sound, and Mariah Carey seems to be well in her element singing in this style. On stage, Mariah looked like she was having fun, loving the song, and really put it all out there, which is something that she had been accused of not doing with recent releases.

The new song falls flat with some critics, some of which say that Mariah Carey is just trying to emulate Beyonce, with the release schedule and the sounds and feels of the new music.

Twitter has been blazing with Mariah Carey love on the new song performance/release.

Just a few days ago, Mariah Carey announced the release of her upcoming album, after multiple song leaks and the Today Show performance. It seems that this is the way that albums are released these days.

Carey’s career has spanned nearly 25 years, if you can believe it, and she looks and sounds better than ever according to just about everyone. Mariah is being honored for her achievements in music and her contribution to society at the World Music Awards in Monaco later this month. She is also slated to perform at the event, along with Miley Cyrus, Fall Out Boy, Laura Pausini and Flo Rida.

Beyonce may be music’s “it” girl, but nobody has held it down more consistently in the last quarter century than Mariah Carey.

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