Sheila Vogel-Coupe: World’s Oldest Prostitute Is 85 Years Old

Sheila Vogel-Coupe seems like your typical neighborhood grandma. Quick! What’s your first impression of this prim and proper lady?

At first glance, you’d think she’s the type who knits sweaters in the afternoon, bakes cookies for her grandchildren, and tends to her gladiolas every morning after enjoying some Earl Grey.

What you probably didn’t realize is that Vogel-Coupe is a very active prostitute.

And did we mention she is already 85 years old. Sheila is five years older than Larry King!


Despite her age, Sheila’s still got it! Apparently, Vogel-Coupe is so much in demand that clients would clamor to get a spot on her very tight schedule. And they really pay well for her octogenarian allure. Sheila currently earns £250 an hour for her services – a rate significantly higher than the average prostitute depending on where you are located. According to her, she used to entertain 10 lucky clients a week before she had to have an operation which sliced away 13 inches from her intestines.

And you would think prostitution has been a life-long career for Sheila. Nope! In fact, she just started four years ago, a couple of years after her second husband, aeronautical engineer Noel Coupe, died.

Today, business is good for Ms. Vogel-Coupe, who says clients go to her to find something unique.

Sheila says:

“Often men call me up and say, ‘Will you please go on talking as you are turning me on.’ I know I am very, very sexy.”

When asked her reasons for joining the industry quite past her prime, Sheila had this to say:

“The most important reason is because I love sex. Even thinking about it makes me feel better.”

However, Sheila added:

“It doesn’t just begin with sex, there is companionship too. I have been on my own for nine years and I do get lonely. I love the companionship of gentlemen. I really have no inhibitions.”

Sheila’s numerous clients appear to show much love for her. Sadly, her own family doesn’t share the enthusiasm. According to Metro, the family did not take kindly to grandma’s line of work. A member of her family, X Factor former contestant Katie Waissel, is presumed by some to be one of those who have taken the grandma-is-a-prostitute headlines bitterly.

The dashing granny sex worker doesn’t seem to mind. To her, the satisfaction of her clients is her current priority. Sheila Vogel-Coupe claims she plans on staying in the game for a very long time.

[Image from Channel 4 via Metro]

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