Cheating Cops Accused Of Sexting And Having Sex While On Duty Want Their Jobs Back

Two cheating cops caught in an affair are accused of having sex on the job, but now they want their jobs back because they claim the Florida Sheriff’s office illegally obtained the explicit messages that condemned them.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, deputy Loretta Hernandez did not respond to multiple police calls because she was too busy having sex. The police officer even admitted to all three instances of engaging in sexual activity while on the job and in uniform.

Deputy Joseph Fetchick was fired following an internal affairs investigations and Sgt. Valencia LaRue resigned rather than be terminated. The two Seminole County deputies had allegedly sent each over 6,000 sexually explicit text messages that documented the extramarital affair they were having each other. Both were married at the time, but both were also separated from their spouses.

The investigation discovered that the two friends had started the affair this past September, but less than a month later, they were sending messages to each other that indicated they were having sex while still on duty. This happened at least three times according to the evidence and co-workers of the deputies claim they had difficulty getting hold of them sometimes.

Fetchick and LaRue have admitted the affair, but claim they did not have sex while on the job. It’s claimed that four time no one could get hold of the man, but he insists the affair had nothing to do with it:

“Every time they have had an issue, they have called me and I have always answered. Never had an issue. That, I don’t know, but I have been there for five months and when they had a meeting with the sergeant and the lieutenant said I was doing an absolutely great job.”

The reason the pair believe they should have their jobs back is because the bulk of the evidence was obtained Fetchick’s wife, whose iPad was set to record duplicates of all the text messages sent on his iPhone. The wife took these messages to the Sheriff’s Office and that’s the investigation began. Attorney Jason Harr represents the two deputies, and he says, “At no point in time did Sheriff (Don) Eslinger’s office provide my officer with a warrant to look at any stored communication device.”

LaRue has since moved on and is opening a bar while Fetchick wants to be a police officer again. Both want everyone to reserve their opinions until a judge makes a decision. Do you think either of the pair should be allowed to become cops again?