Miami Heat Rumors: Chris Bosh Should Sign With Washington Wizards

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Miami Heat rumors concerning the looming 2014 offseason won’t start taking off until the team is out of the playoffs. But after Sunday’s loss to the Indiana Pacers, one thing is becoming painfully clear. Chris Bosh might need to start planning his future. Most of the Miami Heat rumors leading up to free agency have focused on Lebron James and whether he will decide to stay, especially if the Heat are unable to complete the three-peat. Really, Chris Bosh is the player teams should have their eye on.

The 2013-2014 NBA season has revealed something about the Miami Heat. They are getting old and rely too heavily on Lebron James to carry the load. In Sunday night’s game against the previously written off Indiana Pacers, Miami looked overmatched and out hustled. Miami’s formula has been the same for their four seasons with the big three. Unfortunately, it appears the Pacers have figured out that formula and are gelling at just the right time.

While many believe that Miami Heat rumors about free agency won’t matter until the summer of 2015, it would not be at all surprising to see Chris Bosh exercise his player option this summer and look for another contender to sign with. In fact, it would be wise of Bosh to look elsewhere. The window on the Heat is quickly closing, especially as Dwyane Wade continues to look like a shell of himself. Despite Wade’s point output being basically the same, every other facet of his game is slowing down. As Chris Bosh will turn 31 next season, he needs to ask himself if the Miami Heat are actually the best fit for him.

There are a limited number of situations that could possibly lure Chris Bosh away from the Miami Heat. The money needs to be right and the opportunity to contend needs to be there, as well. While some have suggested the Los Angeles Lakers or the Chicago Bulls, both situations have huge question marks hanging over them. There is another young, viable option in the Eastern Conference.

Chris Bosh should look to sign with the Washington Wizards this offseason for two reasons. First of all, the Wizards are the perfect fit for a versatile big man like Chris Bosh. With John Wall and Bradley Beal in the backcourt, Bosh would be able to play with two young stars who can get him the ball. The Wizards offense thrives on moving the ball and allowing the two guards to drive and kick. Now that Bosh features a deadly outside shot, he is the perfect complement to Nene in the front court.

The second area that would allow the Washington Wizards to steal Bosh away from the Miami Heat is their salary space. The Wizards have no picks in the 2014 NBA draft and will be about $19 million under the new salary cap. After next season, they will have even more cap space, allowing them to offer Chris Bosh a long term deal. Although it will not be a max deal, it would be competitive with what he is making now in Miami. In a crowded free agency market next summer, Bosh will have no guarantees to sign on with a contender.

If the Heat goes down to the Pacers in game two, expect to hear many more Miami Heat rumors start rumbling. One thing is for certain. Chris Bosh needs to decide if he is willing to trade in his future for one more run with the Miami Heat.

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