Disney’s Cinderella Officially Releases Teaser Trailer

Disney has been really busy with their live-action adaptions of their animated classics. This summer, The Inquisitr reported that Maleficent, a live-action retelling of Sleeping Beauty told primarily through the eyes of the story’s antagonist, would be released. This new version of Cinderella probably comes off the past success of another live-action princess movie by Disney, Enchanted.

Now the internet has been blessed with the latest animation-to-live action adaption trailer for 2015, Cinderella, which is on Youtube. In the iconic version by Disney, Cinderella is a girl who finds true love with her prince thanks to a lot of help from her fairy godmother. How this animated classic will be reimagined into a live action film raises questions, especially with the talking animals like the mice (Jacques and Gus).

Luckily for us, Disney has released a decent amount of information about the upcoming Cinderella movie, because the trailer and poster provided very little (which was simply just the glass slipper left behind at the ball). According to In Entertainment, this movie will be released around March 2015. Helen Bonham Carter will play the fairy godmother, Richard Madden will play as the prince, Derek Jacobi as the king, Haley Atwell as Cinderella’s mother, and it is directed by Kenneth Branaugh. No information yet on who plays the titular roles of the evil stepmother and stepsisters.

We do know, through an earlier report here on The Inquisitr, that the lead role for Cinderella will be played by Downtown Abbey actress Lily James.

This Disney movie will probably get more publicity depending on how well Maleficent does. There have been numerous reports on how Angelina Jolie was perfect for the role, and this might be a very good movie, especially if the performances are believable and the stars are perfect for their roles.

Until Maleficent completes its run, this is the most we will get from Disney pertaining to their live-adaptation of Cinderella.

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