Tim McGraw And Faith Hill To Welcome Baby Son: Rumor

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill grace red carpets and sing duets together while being in the glare of tabloid rumors over their marriage allegedly falling apart. McGraw is particularly tabloid fodder because of drinking problems — which he’s fully admitted to — and extreme weight loss. A new twist hits celebrity headlines that Tim and Faith are ready to welcome another addition to their family.

A family friend claims the married couple want to adopt a baby son within the next year, according to RumorFix. A friend of the family reveals:

“They’d love to have a boy to go along with their three daughters. It’s something they’ve debated doing over the past few years, but they’ve finally agreed to go for it.”

McGraw and Hill are parents to three daughters. They are Gracie, 17; Maggie, 15; and Audrey, 12. An alleged family relative adds that Tim and Faith miss having a young child now that their daughters are older. The relative says:

“It’s been bittersweet for them to see their daughters become teenagers and need Mommy and Daddy less and less. I think the idea of feeling young again by having a little one in the house appeals to them.”

Showbiz Spy cited The National Enquirer in its report about Tim and Faith having a baby son. Moreover, Faith was adopted as a child and wants to do the same for another child who needs parents.

“Adopting a child, in her mind, is a way of pay­ing it forward,” says the family friend.

The friend goes on to share that the country singers are serious about this plan:

“Faith and Tim plan to start talking to people who are looking to put a child up for adoption. They really would love for this to happen by winter.”

Reports pop up regularly that McGraw and Hill are on the verge of divorce. A rep for the couple denies they’ll divorce, as read in a related Inquisitr article.

Tim and Faith do well at keeping their private lives private and pay little mind to negative gossip around them. They allow their relationship and careers to speak for themselves. In early 2013, McGraw opened up about his drinking habits and decided to make changes so he’d be the kind of father his children would look up to. A rigorous workout regime resulted in noticeable weight loss, prompting fans to further speculate something must be wrong with him health-wise.

Neither Tim McGraw nor Faith Hill have reacted to reports they plan to adopt a son.

[Image via MStarz.com]