Wife Of Decapitated Georgia Man Found Dead

Shirley Dermond, 87, was found dead in Lake Oconee two weeks after the decapitation of her husband, Russell Dermond. Putnam County Police are still trying to unravel the mystery behind the brutal murder of the Dermond family.

The discovery of Mrs. Dermond's body was announced on May 16 by Sheriff Howard Sills. Two fishermen had apparently discovered what seemed like a body in the water several miles from the waterfront home. Sills confirmed that Mrs. Dermond was dead, and that the details behind her body were to be kept confidential. He added that there were no "glaring signs of trauma" and that "the head was not removed," as in the case of Mr. Dermond.

Currently, the police have no standing theories and no motives for the murder of the Dermond family. "The FBI put up more than 100 billboards in its search for the missing woman, and it offered a reward of up to $20,000 for information to her location or the arrest of the person responsible for her disappearance. The mindset of the person that did this was a homicidal individual that doesn't deserve to breathe the air on this Earth," Sills said.

Police are still investigating the lake area, finding Mrs. Dermond's cell phone and car in the waterfront home on Lake Oconee where her husband was murdered. The head of Mr. Dermond still has not been found, and little incriminating evidence has been discovered. Police even sent cadaver dogs into the nearby woods only to turn up a lawn chair and a Christmas tree.

However, the discovery of Mrs. Dermond's body in the lake points to the possibility that the assailant may have used a boat to get into the waterfront property and kidnap Mrs. Dermond. "That body was transported there, or at least to that vicinity," Sills said.

The Dermond family, as well as the Putnam County community, are in complete shock. "We haven't even had a funeral for Russell because their kids wanted to wait. Now that we know about Shirley, we will start planning the funeral services for both," said Reverend David Key of Lake Oconee Community Church.

Anyone with any information about the murders of the Dermond family is urged to contact the Putnam County Sheriff's Office at 706-485-8557. Any information at all may lead to the capture of the assailant behind the heinous murder of the Dermond family.

[Image via Newscast]