This Dad Suffered The Ultimate Horror, His Reaction Will Either Inspire Or Infuriate You

Hector Black has story that is every parent’s worst nightmare. But the end of the story is one that, it’s fair to say, very few parents would share.

In 2001, Hector’s adult daughter was brutally raped and murdered. The perpetrator was a drug addict who broke into her home looking for money, but when Patricia Ann Nuckles accidentally discovered him in her closet, he tied her hands and demanded sex.

“She said, ‘You’ll have to kill me first,'” Hector Black recounts. “And so he did.”

But as you will discover when you listen to the brief audio file below, Hector Black, who makes his living as an organic farmer, instead of demonizing his adopted daughter’s murderer, decided to get the know the man.

“We were all just devastated. Nothing like this had ever happened,” Black says in the monologue. “I mean, we’d known death but not like this. I’d never been in favor of the death penalty, but I wanted that man to hurt the way he had hurt her. I wanted him to hurt the way I was hurting.”

As part of his journey toward acceptance of the unspeakable horror that happened to his daughter, he had to know why it happened. What would drive this man who had never met his daughter before, a man whose name was Ivan Simpson, to take her life?

Black first approached the district attorney prosecuting Simpson and told him that he and his family opposed the death penalty and did not want Simpson to die, even though he had confessed to the terrible crime. The D.A. was “quite upset.”

As Black learned more about his daughter’s killer, he found that Simpson had endured horrors of his own. “When he was about 11 years old his mother took him and his brother and sister to a swimming pool and said God was ordering her to destroy them,” Hector Black recounts. “He escaped and his brother escaped from her but he watched while his mother drowned his little sister.”

Finally, Hector Black came to a conclusion that few parents would ever, or could ever reach. But when he arrived there, “I really felt as though a tremendous weight had been lifted from me,” he said. Listen to his powerful story and ask yourself, could you take this journey? Or would you?

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