Drake Bell Inserts Himself Into Justin Bieber’s Disputed Attempted Robbery Flap

Drake Bell has come after Justin Bieber again, this time over his latest legal woe — a claim of attempted robbery. There’s only one snag, the attempted robbery claim has been slammed as false by an eyewitness. Bell may want to update his browser.

Justin Bieber is being slammed again by Drake Bell.

The former Nickelodeon actor, who is now a full-time musician, has weighed in with his take on an attempted robbery accusation made against Bieber earlier this week.

Bell took to Twitter Thursday to punch out a screengrab of a news article about the attempted robbery accusation, which also detailed a run-down of Bieber’s ongoing legal troubles.

“When will it end??!! Are we really STILL putting up with this?!” Drake asked.

When will it end??!! Are we really STILL putting up with this?! pic.twitter.com/vHNvVNIpX6

— Drake Bell (@DrakeBell) May 15, 2014

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Bieber is being investigated by the Los Angeles Police Department Robbery/Homicide Division and Robbery Special Section, after an unidentified woman made a number of claims against the singer.

In an incident alleged to have occurred on Monday, May 12 at around 10:30 pm at Sherman Oak’s Castle Park —- a miniature golf/batting cage center — the woman alleges Justin went into her purse and took her cellphone to check for and delete (if found) snaps of himself and his crew in an alleged altercation with other guys at the batting cage.

The woman claims Bieber returned her cellphone after discovering it was locked and alleges he demanded that she open her photo archive.

The accuser also alleges Justin wrestled with and yelled at her and made her 13-year-old daughter cry by speaking harshly.

All these claims have been denied by a Castle Park employee who told TMZ the woman was “overly aggressive” as she took snaps of Justin as he tried to hit baseballs in a batting cage.

The eyewitness said the female accuser refused repeated requests from Bieber’s security team and the singer to stop filming.

In addition, the employee said Bieber did not put his hand in the woman’s purse and “never touched her.”

The witness added that the woman’s 13-year-old daughter didn’t cry over anything the singer said, but because he didn’t want to take a photo with anyone.

Bieber’s Los Angeles attorney Howard Weitzman has since told The Associated Press that a fan approached his 20-year-old client Monday night and got aggressive as she took snaps of him. He said Bieber asked the woman to stop harassing him.

“I would think this would fade away, given the facts here,” the lawyer told AP.

A source close to Bieber also told a number of media outlets that the singer “was having fun with his friends, playing miniature golf and she [the victim] took a picture — he asked her to delete it. The photo was deleted, so that’s the robbery.”

“The deleted photo is the robbery,” the insider added.

It’s doubtful Bell will be interested to hear the attempted robbery accusation may be false.

The 27-year-old’s two-year Twitter bashing of Bieber earned him a masterclass lesson in shade when the “Baby” singer crashed Bell’s album release party last month.

It seems Drake hasn’t forgotten the humiliation.

Drake was also one of the over 270,000 signees to the “Deport Justin Bieber” petition that the White House recently declined to comment on.

And in what may have been Bell’s meanest attack on Bieber, the “Bitchcraft” singer sent the Canadian a screengrab of allegations leveled against his father last month.

The Drake Bell Vs. Justin Bieber feud looks set to run and run.