Rush Limbaugh Wins ‘Children’s Choice’ Book Award For ‘Rush Revere’

Rush Limbaugh is now an award-winning children's author.

Rush Limbaugh can add another plaque to his wall; Children’s Choice Book Award winning author. The radio show host and conservative pundit won the Children’s Choice Book Award for his historical fiction series Rush Revere, beating out Jeff Kinney (Diary of a Wimpy Kid series), Rick Riordan (Percy Jackson series), Veronica Roth (Divergent, Insurgent) and others.

So, how did Rush, who calls himself a lovable, harmless fuzzball despite regularly drawing ire from liberals, moderates and just about anyone outside of conservative circles? It started when Limbaugh conceived a series of conservatively-slanted historical fiction books for children. Anyone who listens to the Rush Limbaugh Show on the radio can tell you that his stated aim is to inform children of the conservative values espoused by the founders of the United States, in contrast to what he deems the liberalized version that is being taught in the public school system.

According to an AP report, the books and authors are nominated for the Children’s Choice Book Award based on the number of copies sold. So, Rush Limbaugh was automatically nominated based on the number of copies of his book, Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims, sold. As the article points out, that doesn’t necessarily mean that children were buying the books, just that they are children’s books and that enough of them were sold to earn a nomination for the Children’s Choice Book Award. Of course, that same statement applies to the other books – the vast majority of them which were purchased by parents for their children.

Rush Limbaugh’s book – as well as its recently released sequel Rush Revere and the First Patriots – involve the time-traveling titular character, who pairs with a Native American who speaks telepathically with animals and a football player who travel back in time, witnessing significant events in United States history.

As a Mediate report points out, children are asked to vote for the winner of the Children’s Choice Book Award online. Limbaugh and his book Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims beat out a number of books and authors with considerably more child-oriented media coverage. The Rush Limbaugh Show has a huge radio audience, but its early afternoon airtime – during the school day) doesn’t lend itself well to a children’s audience.

Despite this, Limbaugh’s Rush Rever and the Brave Pilgrims beat out some of the nation’s most popular children’s authors, including franchises that have been adapted to the silver screen.

According to a Yahoo! Newsreport, Limbaugh had this to say in his acceptance speech: “I (Rush) love America. I wish everybody did. I hope everybody will. It’s one of the most fascinating stories in human history and it’s a delight and it’s an opportunity to try to share that story with young people so they can grow and learn to love and appreciate the country in which they’re growing up and will someday run and lead and inherit.”

Have you read Limbaugh’s books? What did you think of them? What do you think of Rush Limbaugh winning the Children’s Choice Book Award?