X-Men Vs Avengers? James McAvoy Says Professor Xavier’s Team Would Win

A new X-Men vs Avengers battle is about to begin, and not because of an upcoming movie crossover. Although The Amazing Spider-Man 2 contained an end credits scene promoting X-Men: Days of Future Past, there are still three different studios involved in the making of Marvel Comics films. We have seen the closest we’re likely to get to a crossover, thanks to an advertising deal in the three studio rivalry.

James McAvoy has basically incited a fan war by stating for the press that the X-Men would beat the Avengers. This debate has no doubt been waged on forums everywhere, and now there is a celebrity weighing in on it.

While Avengers films are earning more and more at the box office, the X-Men films in the US so far have earned less and less. We could speculate that Disney had a lot to do with the Marvel cinematic universe being the most popular in spite of allegedly weak later installments from Iron Man, while X-Men films have been fading ever since X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine lowered our expectations and let us down too far.

However, this battle isn’t between the films themselves, but between comic book teams. James McAvoy, who plays Charles Xavier for the second time in the film franchise, has made a statement about his expectations in an X-Men vs Avengers battle:

“It’s good that ‘X-Men’s’ finally coming out so we can raise the bar again this year. Those guys are good, but this is where it starts. There’s like 40 of us, and like five of them. And one of them’s a half-man half-robot: you just turn off the power and he’s done. Another one’s a guy with a shield who’s a bit strong. I mean, come on. Guy with a bow and arrow? We’ve got guns and stuff, [Wolverine’s] got claws. I could just go like ‘sit down,’ and they’ll all sit down … I could be like ‘take your clothes off,’ and they’d all be taking their clothes off. It would be a disaster.”

As Robert Downey Jr‘s Tony Stark put it in Avengers though, “We have a Hulk.” Of course with Xavier’s mind control powers, Hulk could be a pushover, leaving everybody else to clash their powers in a free for all X-Men vs Avengers battle. If someone were to subdue Professor Xavier before he had a chance to use his powers, it might be more of a real fight.

Of course, James McAvoy isn’t counting the new Avengers Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, and Vision in his statement, so his numbers are definitely off. Also, when it comes to powers, numbers don’t really mean much.

Technically, it all comes down to luck in an X-Men vs Avengers battle. Do you agree with McAvoy? Which team do you think would win?

[image via scifinow]