‘Transformers 4’ Trailer Recruits The Dinobots For Some Mechanized Mayhem [Video]

In the new Transformers 4 trailer, we are treated to some new beginnings, as well as the possibility of an end … to the human race. The scenes featured in the new trailer give us the hint of what Michael Bay confirmed already, that Age of Extinction is a reboot and not a sequel.

What looks suspicious is that it seems to follow what happened in Dark of the Moon. While we have a typical Michael Bay reveal of Optimus Prime exploding his way out of a tool shed, the story sounds a lot like a reverse of what happened in the last film. It’s almost like a revenge plot: The Decepticons convinced the humans to banish the Autobots, but it didn’t work. Now the humans are angry and looking to wipe out the mechanized life forms for their betrayal.

In an ironic twist, the Transformers 4 trailer tells us that the Decepticons are similarly aiming for human extinction, so what do the Autobots do? They recruit the help of the mechanical version of what has already been extinct, dinosaurs. These aren’t just any dinosaurs though: These are the Dinobots, which appear to be a cross between the mechs and monsters from Pacific Rim and the monster from Godzilla.

Anyone not familiar with Transformers lore would swear Michael Bay was attempting to cash in on an emerging new craze in Summer blockbusters, but the Dinobots are indeed one of the oldest parts of the franchise.

Something else about the Transformers 4 trailer that makes this feel more like a sequel than a reboot is the appearance of Nicola Peltz, who in the moments we see her looks a lot like Rosie Huntington Whiteley. We only see glimpses of her, but it looks like the same person. Also remember that Megan Fox’s character in the first two Transformers was the daughter of a mechanic. We see a pattern here.

'Transformers: Age of Extinction' shows Optimus Prime recruiting Dinobots
'Transformers: Age of Extinction' shows Optimus Prime recruiting Dinobots, and the government making a discovery.

The plot revealed on IMDb is that a family of mechanics discovers something that the government ends up very interested in. A kind of unstable metal appears to be what the transformers are made of, and now the Yeager family (again sounding like a reference to Pacific Rim) is working alongside Optimus Prime and Bumblebee in an inevitable war which looks like it will once again destroy a major city.

The Transformers 4 trailer makes it apparent that Michael Bay is preparing to do the same thing all over again. For those still excited, the Age of Extinction is coming June 27.

[images via screenrant, experiencefilm]