An 8-Year-Old Girl Was The Only One Home When Her Mom’s Water Broke. Here’s What She Did Next

Today, eight-year-old Jazmine McEnaney has a new baby brother who is healthy and well, along with his, and Jazmine’s mom, all because the pre-teen girl kept a level head when her mother’s water broke and helped deliver the baby as a friendly 911 operator talked her through the process.

As her mother, 29-year-old Krystle Garcia, lay screaming in pain on the bathroom floor of their South Tampa, Florida, home, Jazmine kept her cool. At 7:02 am Monday morning, she calmly called 911 when her mom was incapacitated.

“I was in the bathroom and my water broke and I yelled for her, ‘Jazmine grab the cordless phone. Dial 911,’” Garcia said. “If she wasn’t there to call 911, there’s no way I would have made it to that phone.”

“Our mommy is pregnant, and her water just broke,” Jazmine told the dispatcher, Emily Hall. “She is in so much pain.”

The dispatcher also kept her cool throughout the call, which you can hear in its entirety below, as she sent paramedics rushing to the home while talking Jazmine and her desperate mom through the birth.

“If it wasn’t for her being calm as she was, it would’ve been a lot worse,” Garcia said of dispatcher Hall.

“I saw the baby’s head,” Jazmine told the dispatcher, fighting her own urge to panic.

“Oh my God, she’s freaking out. She’s only eight years old,” Garcia tells Hall.

“Is your mom pushing or straining yet?” Hall asked.

“Um, mommy are you pushing or straining?” Jazmine asks, relaying the question as Garcia screams, “Yes! Yes!”

While her previous labor lasted 20 hours, Garcia later said this one — coming two weeks prematurely — lasted just six agonizing minutes. But finally, the baby boy, Joseph James Snyder, emerged — at just five pounds, 10 ounces.

“I was freaking out the whole time,” Garcia said later. “She said he was out, but I didn’t hear anything, I didn’t know you don’t hear anything till they get the stuff out. I was just hearing silence. I thought I was giving birth to a dead baby.”

But then paramedics arrived and found that the baby was just fine. Everything went smoothly from there. Mom, baby and the eight-year-old all went to Tampa General Hospital, where staff there gave Jazmine a certificate. It read, “You did an amazing job helping to deliver your baby brother.”