2011 Minnesota Twins mid season review

The Minnesota Twins have been something of a disappointment in 2011. Sure injuries, once again, have been a huge concern as we wait for them to make their annual second half of the season charge. Currently they have a 40-47 record and find themselves in fourth place in the American League Central. With an 8-10 record in interleague play and a 15-10 record against their divisional foes, we can see that this team is far from dead. The only team that has really had their number this year is the Detroit Tigers, and since they tend to falter down the stretch, the Twins may still be able to make a strong run towards the playoffs.

The Twins offense has scored just 338 runs, and that is the third worst number in the AL. As a team they are hitting .248 and that is in the bottom third of AL clubs. The real stat to keep in mind here is only three Twins fielders have played almost or more than 80 games this year. Twins batters have struck out 543 times, and drawn just 237 walks. That is the lowest total in the American League. Denard Span and Michael Cuddyer are the best Twins batter now, and Cuddyer has played in most of their games.

The Twins pitching staff has given up 407 runs, and the staff ERA is 4.30. Neither of those numbers are very good. Scott Baker’s 3.01 ERA is the best among the starters, and on a whole, the bullpen has not been very effective. Twins pitchers have struck out an AL low 518 hitters and issued 263 walks. They have given up 84 home runs, which may be their staff’s best stat.

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