TNA News: Frankie Kazarian Leaves TNA, Dispute Over Money

It should come as no surprise, but another wrestler has left TNA. This time, it was another TNA Original in Frankie Kazarian. Better known as Kaz in his TNA time, he has gone by his real name numerous times as well. He has been a Tag Team Champion and X-Division Champion in his time with the company.

TNA has been losing a lot of their original talent as of late, and it has a lot to do with finances for most. From AJ Styles to Chris Sabin, everyone has had a problem with the money they would make with a renewed contract. The other problem is that Jeff Jarrett, the founder of TNA, left late last year. This not only killed the locker room vibe, but put the writing on the wall for most.

Eventually, Panda Energy began to put a cap on the amount of money TNA could spend, especially on contracts. TNA had to think, who would be the best for the future? Obviously older WWE Superstars that they wanted to sign, none of which has really made TNA any better ratings or review wise.

Meanwhile Kazarian has been basically pushed out of TNA. Kaz was with TNA for years, around the time it started. He first came to the company in 2003 and stuck around until 2005. After a short break, he returned in 2006 and has been with the company ever since. Obviously now he has left too.

He finished up with TNA at their last PPV, and his partner Chris Daniels is said to be right behind him soon.

Kaz has been part of TNA for so long and has put up with a lot since joining the company, yet you can only put up with so much for so long. He was part of TNA’s first Ultimate X match and even played the “Suicide” character for them for a while. In the end, TNA really has done nothing for Kaz. He has a great build as well as great mic and wrestling ability, yet he has not been given much of a shot in the main event scene because TNA was always wanting to put the crown on former WWE Stars.

TNA may not be around for too much longer due to some of the business tactics they have employed. Spike TV has yet to renew their TV deal with TNA for iMPACT, partly due to WWE still not signing on with a TV network. Also, Spike may not see a lot in TNA anymore. So from talent leaving to potentially losing their TV Show, TNA is going downhill. It is sad to see, as they have shown promise in the past. Sadly, without Jarrett there to help steer the way, TNA will continue to make multiple bad decisions. Kaz may have gotten out in a good time.