Formula 1 Results: Lewis Hamilton Wins Again, Mercedes Could Complete First-Ever Season Sweep

The Formula 1 results from the Spanish Grand Prix were familiar to anyone who followed the last three races this year.

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton held off teammate Nico Rosberg, earning his fourth consecutive victory. The two drivers — who currently sit No. 1 and No. 2 atop the Formula 1 leaderboard — were locked in a tight battle, with Rosberg just half a second behind Hamilton in the final stages.

Though Lewis Hamilton was less than thrilled with his performance, and was even heard complaining to his team via radio throughout the race about things like his starting cockpit temperature, he was gracious in victory and complimented Rosberg.

The Formula 1 results could be the same throughout the rest of the season, as many experts believe the Mercedes team has a good chance of winning all 19 races. Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso said the rest of the Formula 1 season could come down to Hamilton vs. Rosberg.

“They should be in a position to win all the races probably, so it is going to be tight between them,” Alonso said. “Probably the championship will be decided by who finishes most races between them.”

It would be a historic run if Rosberg and Hamilton can pull it off. No team has ever won all the grand prix in a single season, though McLaren drivers Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost won 15 of 16 races in 1988.

Lewis Hamilton said he’s just worried about Sunday’s Formula 1 results, not thinking about a season sweep.

“I have not thought that far down the line,” he said. “I am trying to focus on what’s happening now.”

But he also admitted that the Mercedes team has a good chance at making the historic run: “If the team continues to develop as it has, there’s every chance we could do that. Our goal is to win everything.”

While it may be a long way off, the Formula 1 results so far seem to show that Mercedes has a good chance at making history.