Atlanta Braves Rumors: Dan Uggla Trade Options Are Limited, But Necessary

Atlanta Braves rumors about a trade were beginning to surface recently when the Braves were winning and seemed overstocked with starting pitching. Braves trade rumors have changed in recent weeks, thanks to the continued free fall of Dan Uggla and a rough losing streak.

Uggla has become more than a defensive liability for the Braves, which was well known prior to his arrival in Atlanta. Beginning last season, Dan Uggla has now also become a financial and offensive liability for the Atlanta Braves. Rumors have begun to focus on what to do with Uggla, now that his role in Atlanta appears to be all washed up.

As of Sunday, the Braves have benched Uggla in four straight games and show no intention of letting him back in the starting lineup. While Atlanta’s offensive woes have continued into a second straight season, Braves trade rumors involving Dan Uggla are becoming more rampant. They have a serious need to either go get offensive firepower or promote someone from within.

The biggest obstacle to trading Uggla is his enormous contract. The Atlanta Braves second baseman will receive $26 million between 2014 and 2015. There are very few teams interested in taking on a contract of that size for a second baseman who has played his way out of the lineup one of the worst offensive teams in MLB. Realistically, the Braves will probably have to part ways with Uggla and take on another big contract as a favor.

One potential landing zone involves Atlanta Braves trade rumors with the Toronto Blue Jays. The Blue Jays have their own embarrassing contract with Ricky Romero, who is currently toiling away with AAA Buffalo. The Blue Jays opening day second baseman, Ryan Goins, has also been demoted to AAA and could be a potential return piece for the Braves. Goins struggled offensively for the Blue Jays, but is just 26 and if the Braves offered up pitching in return, could convince the Blue Jays to get a deal done.

A less likely, but intriguing option, would be an Atlanta Braves trade with the Seattle Mariners. The Mariners are loaded at second base, with Robinson Cano and young prospect Nick Franklin. Seattle has done an excellent job of getting the most out of their money, so it would be unlikely that they would take on Uggla’s contract. However, if the Braves were to offer up a young pitching prospect and outfield depth, the Mariners could be interested.

While a trade for Dan Uggla will be hard to pull off, it is clear the Atlanta Braves must do something. Otherwise, they will continue to quietly allow $26 million to sit on their bench. That creates a bottleneck at second base and some potential clubhouse tension. Atlanta Braves rumors will continue until they figure our their offense or someone steps up at second base.