Powerball Numbers Produce No Jackpot Winner, Only One Second Prize

The Powerball numbers drawn Saturday night did not match any ticket sold — the fifth straight drawing with no jackpot winner in the nationwide lottery game. Only one ticket matched the first five numbers to take the Powerball second-prize of $1 million.

Saturday’s Powerball jackpot was worth an annuity value of $80 million, but the jackpot now climbs to $90 million for Wednesday’s game. Nonetheless, ticket sales remained sluggish for the lottery game played in 43 states, plus two U.S. jurisdictions. The 13,815,781 tickets sold marked the highest total in the past five drawings, since the jackpot was last won on April 23, up by almost 1.5 million from last Wednesday’s drawing.

But the total was still the fewest number of tickets sold for a Powerball jackpot of at least $80 million since July 11, 2012, which was an $80 million drawing with only 13,771,725 tickets sold.

Only one ticket matched the first five numbers, but not the Power Ball, for the second prize of $1 million. That ticket belongs to a Powerball player in Connecticut.

While the Powerball lottery odds are more than 175 million to one against winning the jackpot, in California, the statewide Super Lotto Plus game offers relatively favorable 42 million to one odds and will feature a jackpot of $64 million for its Wednesday drawing.

Super Lotto Plus had not seen a jackpot winner since New Year’s Day, when the state gave away an $8 million jackpot. But not a single ticket has matched all six Super Lotto Plus numbers since then.

In the Powerball lottery Saturday, 398,597 tickets yielded at least the minimum prize of $4. Nationwide, 16 tickets matched four of the first five numbers plus the Power Ball, which is good for the $10,000 third prize. But four of those ticket buyers paid the extra buck to activate the Power Play option so those tickets can be cashed in for $20,000.

A total of $3,420,153 was awarded in Saturday’s Powerball drawing. Is any of that cash yours? Check your ticket against these numbers, drawn at 10:59 pm in Tallahassee, Florida.

4 31414755 Power Ball 1

The cash value of Wednesday’s Powerball jackpot for a winner who takes the payment in one lump sum will be $53.3 million.