Watch Manchester City Vs. West Ham Live Online, Premier League Streaming Video

Fans can watch the Manchester City vs. West Ham match live online and see what could be the deciding match for the Premier League Title.

After chasing Liverpool for weeks, Manchester City finally took over in the standings last week with a 4-0 win over Aston Villa combined with Liverpool’s collapse from up 3-0 against Crystal Palace.

Manchester City and West Ham kick off at 3 pm local time.

Manchester City doesn’t need to win the match to take the Premier League title. They are currently two points ahead of Liverpool but have a 13-goal advantage in goal differential, meaning they only need a draw to secure the league title.

But fans watching the Manchester City vs. West Ham match live online will likely see a spirited contest. West Ham is fighting to stay in 12th place and grab a larger share of the season-ending prize money, and could use a win to hold off Swansea, Sunderland, Aston Villa, and Hull City.


History could also indicate a close match. In the 2011-12 season Manchester City was facing relegation-threatened QPR on their way to a Premier League title and were expected to cruise, but needed a desperation goal from Sergio Aguero to win 3-2 and steal the title from Manchester United.

Paul Merson from Sky Sports believes that despite their history of close calls, Manchester City should do what they need to win the Premier League title.

“If Man City had to win it, then this would be a different kettle of fish, but they have to draw and I can’t see them failing to win the league,” he wrote. “Remember, West Ham went up there in the Capital One Cup a few months ago and got rinsed 6-0 and won’t take much confidence out of that.

Fans who want to watch the Manchester City vs. West Ham match live online can click here for the Sky Sports feed. The match is also available in the United States through NBC Sports Extra.