Austin Mahone On ‘The Secret’: Fans Are Going To Love It

Austin Mahone believes that fans are going to love the songs on his upcoming release The Secret.

However, websites can’t seem to agree if Austin Mahone’s first proper batch of songs is an album or an EP. While some outlets — including The Inquisitr — have referred to The Secret as his debut album, others are referring to the project as an EP. Regardless of how you want to classify the work, Mahone thinks he’s put together something special.

During his conversation with CBS News, the singer revealed a few details about The Secret. While it’s essentially nothing we haven’t already heard, fans are always in the market for some new info regarding Austin Mahone’s musical endeavors.

“I’ve been working on this for about two years now, so I’m excited to finally release this to my fans and the world. I know they’re all going to enjoy it,” he told the outlet.

Mahone added, “The sound is similar to one of my singles called ‘What About Love.’ There’s one song on there that I wrote and produced myself — ‘All I Ever Need.’ I wrote it in the bathroom.”

Austin also told CBS that he’d love to collaborate with Drake at some point in the near future. This certainly isn’t the first time the singer has hinted about working with the rapper on a project. The Inquisitr previously reported that he’d also like to team up with troubled singer Chris Brown sometime soon.

“I would love to collaborate with Drake, Chris Brown. Those are the main two that I really look up to,” he explained to E! Online earlier this year.

He previously told MTV News, “I think [Brown is] an amazing artist. He puts on a really good show. I’m a big fan of his music.”

Although Mahone is still a pretty young guy, the singer revealed that The Secret will feature more mature offerings. Austin previously said that it took so long to put the album together because he wanted all the songs in tip-top shape.

He explained:

“I’m a lot older now and I’m putting out more mature singles and more mature music. I feel like my fans are growing up, and I want them to grow with me, so that’s definitely a factor. It’s definitely taking a lot longer than I expected, but it’s going to be worth it. It’s gonna be really good when it comes out.”

Are you planning to pick up a copy of Austin Mahone’s The Secret?

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