Pizza Hut Serves Up BBQ Pies, Blake Shelton Wants You To Buy Them

Pizza Hut wouldn’t mind if you spent some of your hard-earned dough on one of its brand new BBQ pies. In order to convince you to order one as soon as humanly possible, the company is getting some help from a familiar face.

Although folks who live in other parts of the world get the company’s more extravagant offerings, Pizza Hut is actually giving patrons in the United States something a little different. According to Businessweek, customers can choose between Smokehouse BBQ, Hawaiian BBQ, and Honey BBQ Chicken starting May 12. In addition to the barbecue sauce, the new dishes also feature cheddar cheese all over the crust.

To help promote the new pies, Pizza Hut tapped country music star and The Voice mentor Blake Shelton. The singer will start appearing in a series of commercials on May 18. Since Shelton is a pretty big fan of BBQ sauce and pizzas, he was understandably excited to join forces with the restaurant.

“I’m actually a fan of this idea, barbecue pizza. I’m having a lot of fun working with the Pizza Hut people. They’re so much fun to be around. Their headquarters is in Dallas, and that’s basically right outside of where I live anyway, so we already have a lot in common,” he recently told Our Country.

Of course, Blake Shelton has already chosen his favorite pie among Pizza Hut’s new offerings. Blake’s Smokehouse gets the Shelton seal of approval, which is good considering the product bears the singer’s name. According to the country star, the Smokehouse is essentially a meat lover’s pizza with BBQ sauce.

If the barbecue pizza sounds vaguely familiar, then this means you probably spend some of your free time reading about the pies Pizza Hut releases overseas. The company previously served up BBQ pizzas in Australia and the UK, though this is the first time people across the US have access to the company’s latest creation.

The folks at Yum! Brands are no doubt hoping these new pies will help boost Stateside sales. The Inquisitr previously reported that Pizza Hut’s business is sagging a bit in the US. However, the restaurant seems to have found some success in other regions of the world.

Yum! Brands CEO David Novak explained that he was very disappointed with Pizza Hut’s performance during the previous quarter. However, Novak seems dedicated to turning this slump around. Do you think Blake Shelton and the new BBQ pies can help the restaurant’s poor sales in the United States?

[Image via Blake Shelton]