Luke Bryan & Blake Shelton ‘Daft Punk’ ACM Awards

Prepare to be Daft Punk’d! Country music superstars Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton pulled off quite the prank at the American Country Music awards on April 6th.

The co-hosts dressed up as the Grammy Award-winning electronic duo to announce country music’s Single Record award. After soaking in the bewildered applause from the crowd, the Daft Punk lookalikes revealed their true identities after struggling to breathe underneath the signature Daft Punk helmets.

“Where the hell is Pharrell to announce the nominees?” a winded Blake Shelton gasped to the crowd. Luke Bryan meanwhile posed a more practical question for Daft Punk members and anyone looking to mimic their signature look:

“How the hell you supposed to get lucky in that thing? I couldn’t even breathe!”

The ACM crowd weren’t the only ones fooled by the ruse. Many Twitter users viewing the awards show were just as surprised to see Daft Punk on stage. Here are a sample at some of the reaction from viewers using the ACM hashtag:

Hahahahahahahaha I was like WTF #DAFTPUNK #SIKE #ACM #DYING

— Kristal Stephanie (@K_Rosales92) April 7, 2014

Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan meanwhile aren’t the ones who’ve been imitating Daft Punk as of late. On a recent episode of the NBC comedy Parks and Recreation, comedian Aziz Ansari, who plays the character Tom Haverford, dons the infamous helmet to announce his alternate DJ identity “DJ Rumbodrop”. The bit originated after Ansari was paired up with his awkward friend Ben Wyatt, played by Adam Scott, as co-DJ’s for the Pawnee High School Prom. Aziz’s character, usually known to be on the cutting edge, ends up relinquishing his DJ duties after the high schoolers deem his musical choices as uncool.

And as for the real French duo, there may be some new music unearthed shortly. According to an article by Rolling Stone via Chilean news outlest Cooperativa, Strokes front man Julian Casabalancas, who appeared on Daft Punk’s Grammy Award-winning album Random Access Memories, announced that an unreleased second song may see the light of day soon:

“There is another Daft Punk song that we worked on that was cool. Maybe I’ll get those guys…we can do that one day soon, finish it.”

For now though, we’ll have to settle for Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton’s version of Daft Punk instead.