Throwing Shoes at Bush: The Video Game

The video of a man throwing his shoes at President Bush has become such a hit, it’s now spawned its own interactive video game. Ready to play?

Sock and Awe: The Bush Shoe-Throwing Game

The game — called “Sock and Awe!” — was developed by soon-to-launch comedy site PopJam. It lets you test your shoe-throwing skills as a Flash-based Bush jumps around the screen.

The Bush shoe-throwing game: Sock and Awe

Thus far, the U.S. is leading the game’s scoreboard, followed by France and Australia.

UPDATE: The site has been sold, just four days after its launch! And not for too small of a pricetag, either. Details here.

Bush Shoe Video Goes Viral

So just how much of a phenomenon is the Bush shoe throwing video? A pretty massive one, according to some newly released stats. Online video analysis firm Visible Measures found the clip had attracted more than 5.5 million views and 48,000 comments as of Monday — just over 24 hours after its Internet debut.

The kicker to it all: The last time a video grew that quickly, the company says, was when President-Elect Barack Obama gave his acceptance speech. The Obama video pulled in 5 million views and 200 placements in its first 24 hours. The Bush shoe dodge video was up to 4.4 million views and 650 placements in that same timespan.

Visible Measures