Bush Shoe Throwing Game Site Sold For $7,818

Remember the site we highlighted yesterday offering an interactive game of the Bush shoe-throwing incident? It’s just been sold for $7,818.

SockAndAwe.com, which was created by the people behind a soon-to-launch comedy site called PopJam, was bought by British Web services company Fubra on Friday — just four days after the site debuted.

Incidentally, the guy who created Sock and Awe is the same one who made headlines for setting up the Million Dollar Homepage in 2005. Alex Tew made a name for himself by making a million dollars off selling individual pixels of the page for $1 each.

As for Sock and Awe, Tew tells Reuters the site was overwhelmed with traffic from the get-go.

“We’ve spent the last three days trying to keep the servers alive and we’re meant to be working on our other main startup PopJam. So we whacked it on eBay,” he says.

Tew says he’ll use the money made from the sale to further his new project.


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