Game Show Contestant Asked To Leave Show After Revealing He Murdered Ex-Wife With Axe

A game show contestant on a Turkish television dating show was asked to leave after he shared with a shocked audience the news that he had murdered his wife as well as another lover.

The 62-year-old contestant, Sefer Calinak, 62, revealed to Flash TV's Luck of the Draw that he had served prison sentences for each of the murders, and had been released under an amnesty program. Not exactly what you'd call a great match for such a game show.

Calinak told the host of the show: "I'm an honest person looking for a new wife" just before revealing that he had killed his first wife because she was "annoying" him as well as killing another lover because he was concerned she was after his money.

After the contestant was asked to leave the show, the excited studio audience applauded loudly. Not surprisingly, the show made the headlines in all the mainstream Turkish newspapers. Having been asked to leave the show, Calinak said that he now intends to place his search for a wife in the hands of God.

His first wife, Fadim, was actually his cousin. He married her when he was 17, and murdered her because he said her behavior had radically changed after just five months. Calinak shared some parts of his interesting, if not troubling story: "The nephew of the man who wanted to marry her started to come to our village. I was jealous and I killed her, in a way," he said.

Adding that he was released from his 13 year nine month sentence after four years and six months, he then married another woman and had two children with her. After that relationship, he had an affair with yet another woman who he also killed.

But what he said next is the most unbelievable thing of all: "I killed her after she attempted to kill me. She was accidentally killed when I swung the axe."