Avril Lavigne Gets Cozy With Demi Lovato After Awkward Meet And Greet With Fans

Cassie Boss

Avril Lavigne is trying to keep her head above water this week after receiving negative feedback both on her "Hello Kitty" music video and her seemingly disastrous fan meet and greet with fans in Brazil. Among all the negative, Avril is smiling ad getting cozy with fellow singer, Demi Lovato in her latest photo uploads to her Instagram account.

According to Entertainmentwise, Avril and Demi crossed paths two days ago while both on their South American tours. The two singers got warm and cozy for a few backstage photos, which Avril captioned with "Backstage Twinzies with my Girl Demi Lavato" and "Twinzies with my girl Demi Lavato."

Avril Lavigne And Demi Lovato Pose Backstage

Demi Lovato And Avril Lavigne Pose Together Backstage

While these photos show off an Avril willing to get close and cuddly with pal Demi Lovato, fans are still a little agitated over her latest meet and greet with some fans last weekend.

According to an earlier report by The Inquisitr, fans reportedly played close to $400 for a chance to meet the "Hello Kitty" singer and snap a picture with her. Fans were instructed that they could not hug or otherwise touch Avril in any way, and as a result, many of the fan photos turned out extremely awkward.

— Avril Lavigne (@AvrilLavigne) May 6, 2014

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Not too long ago the singer was actually seen running off stage in the middle of performing a song for unknown reasons. A report by The Inquisitr suggested that a fan may have startled Avril by trying to climb on stage while she was performing in China. The singer was left traumatized by an experience in 2001 where a crazed fan rushed her and grabbed at her.

Should Avril Lavigne be criticized for not allowing fans to touch her during her meet and greet given her past experiences and fears?

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