Avril Lavigne Runs Screaming From Stage During Concert In China

Avril Lavigne got spooked while performing a show in China last week. What was it that scared the signer so badly that she ran off stage mid-song? Well, we aren’t quite sure.

The French-Canadian singer has been touring Asia to promote her new self-titled album. According to The Inquisitr, Lavigne began her Asian tour on January 31 in Osaka, Japan. Even though the punk-rocker is loved around the world, Asia reportedly adores her.

February 24 was Lavigne’s biggest concert stop and took place in Manila. This wasn’t the singer’s first time in the area, so she decided to spice things up a bit. What was the big surprise? She brought along hubby and Nickelback frontman, Chad Kroeger, to help her perform their duet “Let Me Go”.

According to GMA News Online, before beginning her newest single “Let Me Go”, Lavigne told the crowd: “This song is very special to me. It’s the song I wrote with Chad Kroeger.” It was at that point that the crowd went wild because Kroeger joined Lavigne on stage.

It would seem like the singer’s Asian tour has been going well, that is until she ran screaming from the stage in a recent video of the singer’s concert in China. The video was shot by a fan during one of her concerts in china last week according to Celebrity Gossip writer, Perez Hilton.

In the video, Avril Lavigne can be heard talking to her fans before she begins singing one of her hits from her 2002 album, Let Go. The singer seems to have no problem as she goes through her song “I’m With You”, that is until something spooks her at the 3:45 mark.

Whatever it was that spooked the singer must have been pretty terrifying considering she squealed and sprinted offstage. It wasn’t immediately known what caused the singer to run off, but reports have begun saying that a fan tried to get onstage.

This isn’t the first time the singer has been rushed by a crazed fan. Perez Hilton stated in August 2001, the singer was rushed and grabbed by a fan while performing in Brazil. The singer was frightened by the event, but she quickly recomposed herself and continued on with her concert.

Could this past event have been so terrifying to cause the singer to scream and run offstage mid-song during her concert last week? It definitely could have been. What do you think may have caused Avril Lavigne to rush off stage mid-song?

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