‘Watch Dogs’ Character Trailer Shows Who You Can Trust [Video]

The new Watch Dogs character trailer is here, and claims to tell you who you can trust. It’s already known that the game is almost planned as a social commentary from the point of view of someone with the powers of the NSA. We also know that hacking everything in sight is only one of four major skills you can upgrade throughout the game.

Even though Ubisoft delayed the game half a year to give it the finishing touches it needs to meet their own expectations, the delay seems to have lost a lot of the fans who were hoping to play it when the Xbox One and PS4 launched. Seeing what their level of quality can create in other recent releases like Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and Rayman Legends, the upcoming Watch Dogs release date of May 27 could prove to be worth the wait.

The Watch Dogs character trailer begins with our antihero Aiden Pearce approaching the camera inside a dark room full of monitors. This clearly tells us that he’s spent a lot of time watching the world and manipulating it. In fact, according to the game’s story, it’s this hobby of his that not only gained him his wealth, but also lost him a niece because someone else with similar skills was trying to get to him.

As the trailer continues, Pearce explains how some people are friends, others are enemies, and others yet he’s not quite decided on. This tells us that he’s going to be extremely paranoid about anyone he’s not sure of. According to what we know already, random citizens you’ll encounter in the game won’t even know you could be ruining their lives until it’s too late.

The characters you’ll get to know include:

  • Claire Lille is called a “dangerous wild card,” and the best hacker he knows.
  • T-Bone Grady, who we know is an alternate protagonist via DLC, is a genius who “still plays with fire.”
  • Jordi Chin appears to be someone you can only trust if you can afford his help, according to the Watch Dogs character trailer.
  • Anthony Wade is an ex Army man who prefers military strategy as a means to an end.
  • Dermot Quinn is an elderly crime lord who doesn’t back down from anybody.

The Watch Dogs character trailer finishes off by stating that “in a city of three million people, you’d be surprised how few you can trust.”

Are you ready to start hacking your way through a futuristic Chicago and seeing who you can trust later this month?