Tommy Lasorda Hopes Donald Sterling Girlfriend V. Stiviano Gets Run Over By A Car [Video]

MLB Hall of Famer Tommy Lasorda gave an unfiltered opinion about the Donald Sterling scandal, which included a strange and perhaps offensive shout-out to V. Stiviano.

As virtually everyone on the planet knows owing to saturation news coverage, Sterling has been banned for life from the NBA for his racist comments caught on tape, and the league is in the process of forcing him to sell his ownership interest in the LA Clippers. He was also fined $2.5 million. Sterling apparently has lawyered up to fight the NBA in court, however.

Lasorda was in Florida this week to receive an honorary doctorate from Northwood University. While there, a West Palm Beach TV station asked Lasorda, 86, about the Sterling scandal. See embed below.

Said Lasorda, “I’ve been a friend of that guy for 30 years… It doesn’t surprise me that he said those things… and he shouldn’t have said it… and [he] just hurt himself by talking too much and doing things that he shouldn’t be doing.”

In an apparent reference to V. Stiviano, Sterling’s presumed girlfriend, Lasorda added in a seemingly contradictory way that

“I don’t wish that girl any bad luck, but I hope she gets hit with a car.”

Lasorda was the long-time manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers. During his 20 years as skipper of the team, Lasorda won 1,599 games, two World Series, and four National League pennants. He ended his managerial career in 1996 shortly after suffering a heart attack.

According to CBS Sports, an apology is in order: “Lasorda is an ambassador for both the Dodgers and MLB, and is one of the game’s most beloved people. Something like this is a problem though. It’s offensive and not something anyone should be saying, let alone someone in Lasorda’s position. Let’s hope the league takes some action.”

Should Tommy Lasorda apologize to V. Stiviano?

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