Jessica Simpson: Wedding Date Will Be Big, New Album Produced In Ozzy Osbourne’s Old House

Jessica Simpson: Wedding Will Be Big, New Album Produced In Ozzy Osbourne's Old House

Jessica Simpson’s wedding plans can be summarized on one word: big. You’d think so considering that Eric Johnson first proposed back in November of 2010. Let’s just hope family drama won’t delay the wedding date… again.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, while the wedding plans will be big, Jessica Simpson’s weight loss workouts have ensured she will be quite the opposite. In fact, some people speculate she might be able to fit back into those daisy dukes she’s famously known for wearing.

Many aspects of the wedding plans are reportedly up in the air. At first the ceremony was going to be held in Italy and then it was moved to the United States. One idea being tossed around is to have the big day over in Hawaii. But apparently the reason Simpson’s wedding date keeps getting pressed back is due to family squabbles:

“Jessica’s parents, who divorced last year after 34 years of marriage, do not get along, which has made it hard for Jessica to plan her wedding. Jessica, who just recently started speaking to her father, Joe, again, asked the former minister to officiate her wedding, which apparently did not set well with Jess’ mother, Tina, whom the magazine reports burst into tears when she heard.”

Whatever the case, Jessica still plans on inviting everyone to the wedding. She wants the ceremony to be lavish and she told USA Today how large she wants it to be:

“I’ve been very picky on how I want everything to look and feel. Eric’s family alone is almost 90 people, so it’ll definitely be a big event. We are very close to sending out our invites.”

We also got an explanation for why a new Jessica Simpson album was not been released since 2010:

“We’re building a studio in our house. I bought a house from Ozzy Osbourne, so a lot of the studio was already set up. I want to see what comes out. It’s time for me to find that out, and I can’t wait for my kids to experience that with me. Even Eric. He’s never seen me perform onstage.”

Are you looking forward to Jessica Simpson’s new album?