Guy Duplicates ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ Dance Number In His Room 100 Days In A Row, Gets It On Video

The 2004 cult hit Napoleon Dynamite is one of those weird movies that either you get or you don’t. If you get the joke, whatever the joke is, the movie is hilarious. If you don’t, it’s just a bizarre mess.

The young man in this video definitely gets it, and then some. Toward the end of the movie, the painfully awkward title character Napoleon Dynamite takes the stage in front of his high school class and performs an impromptu dance, to the soundtrack of “Canned Heat” by Jamiroquai, a big dance hit from the late 1990s.

The scene is one of the most uncomfortable in a movie filled with uncomfortable scenes. So what better activity than recreating the entire dance in the privacy of your own room every day — for 100 consecutive days?

Actually, this young dancer, who identifies himself on his YouTube page as Project One Life, says that it took him 120 days to record this video, but “100 days” just had a better ring to it.

As you’ll see, our would-be Napoleon Dynamite goes through what seems like 100 wardrobe changes throughout the video. The only thing missing is a “Vote For Pedro” T-shirt. And if you get the movie Napoleon Dynamite, you’ll get that reference too.

Here he is. If you can tear your eyes away from the dance moves, check out the odd changes in room decor as the video moves along.

And here is the original scene from the movie, performed by actor Jon Heder as the title character, Napoleon Dynamite.