Emma Stone Kiss Fail: Andrew Garfield Gets Help From Chris Martin On ‘SNL’

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield may make on-screen chemistry, but their off-screen romantic technique may need a little work. Case in point, the Spiderman behind-the-scenes sketch on this week’s Saturday Night Live.

Stone and Garfield were placed in front of a green screen, prodded by the director to just kiss like normal people. In a stroke of comedic brilliance, the pair gave the lip-lock several unsuccessful attempts, including a turn where Garfield’s mouth fully engulfed Stone’s chin.

The sketch was all in good fun, of course, as the stunning red carpet pair seem to have no problem being an attractive celebrity couple. Entertainment Weekly gave the sketch “honorable mention” in its review of the broadcast, docking points because it turned into a “gay panic joke.” Coldplay frontman Chris Martin — currently undergoing a “conscious uncoupling” from Gwyneth Paltrow — stepped in to make the scene work.

Emma gushed at Martin’s intervention, but he carefully brushed her aside, donned a blonde wig and took Garfield in his arms. Coldplay was the show’s musical guest.

The Toronto Sun singled out Martin and Garfield’s smooch as the show’s “Best Kiss.”

Martin also recently made news when spotted at dinner with Paltrow, and speculation abounded about the state of their relationship. The couple has two children.

Stone helped out her love more than once during the Saturday Night Live episode. She showed up during his monologue, to offer her advice as a previous host and American. Garfield introduced himself to the SNL audience by stating that he was British — and that those around him might have reservations over his ability to do well on a television comedy program in America.

The Amazing Spiderman 2 opened Friday. The franchise has been a boost for both actors, personally and professionally. Stone and Garfield met on the set of the first Spiderman movie, released in 2012. The New York Daily News reported in November of that year that the two had purchased a home in Beverly Hills. Garfield joked to Ellen DeGeneres at the time that he had shacked up with Denis Leary.

If Garfield needs assistance from anyone, he might do well to look to Stone. The actress starred in the Academy Award-winning film The Help in 2011 and is a constant presence in celebrity news. Most recently Emma gushed about fellow actress Shailene Woodley — who almost competed with her for Garfield’s attention in Spiderman — and made clear her intention to stay away from gossip. These days, awkward kisses aside, it seems the gossip is always good about Emma Stone.

[Photo: Eric Charbonneau/WireImage]