‘Finger Trap’ Test: It Tells You If You’re ‘Hot Or Not’

A ‘finger trap’ test is the latest trend in determining if you’re beautiful. According to a report on The Stir, this bizarre test began on Weibo, China’s version of Facebook. It’s also called the “Beauty and Ugliness Identification Method.” Since then, it’s taken social media by storm everywhere.

Daily Mail had an in-depth look into this finger trap trend. According to the report, this so-called “beauty” test reveals whether you’re “Hot or Not.” It’s based on a 3.1 ratio that plastic surgeons use as a guide in creating the “perfect profile.” This works as an equation for the ideal alignment of your nose, lips, and chin down your face.

How is the finger trap test taken? You take your index finger and press it against your chin and nose. If your lips touch during the process, you’re considered hot. If your lips don’t touch, then the test is just a fluke!

Dr. Mark Holmes in Britain said this is really a good test for lower “facial symmetry and proportions.” It’s also known as the Rickett’s E-line. He said these tests are what “experienced cosmetic doctors use when assessing and planning cosmetic treatments.” He added that it’s a “stretch” to make scientific equations out to be a measurement of one’s beauty. The finger trap test doesn’t take into account someone’s personality or confidence.

A consultant cosmetic surgeon — Dr. Brent Tanner — added that even though this trending test is evaluated on “classical principles that date back to the time of Leonardo Da Vinci it is a very simplistic view and beauty is based on much more than one set of ratios.”

As Tanner pointed out, tests that come along like this via social media can’t be taken too seriously. Races have different ratios in their facial features. Not only that, there are so many characteristics and different ideals of beauty, that there’s no way a trending test like this can say whether someone is “hot or not.”

Other beauty trends have been used as gimmicks women often buy into just to feel halfway attractive. Just one of many Inquisitr articles covered how women were getting eyebrows cosmetically altered to look like a Kardashian.

Women naturally are the ones taking the finger trap test to find out if they’re beautiful. There are a good number of men testing the theory out as well. Everyone wants to be good-looking since physical attractiveness is so highly valued.

Confidence, self-esteem, and the inner person is what really adds to a person’s true beauty. Whenever something like the finger trap test comes along, it’s best to view it as a silly test you forget about two minutes after taking it!

[Photo via Bing Images]