'True Blood' Season 7 Photos Released, Truebies Begin Counting Down To The Final Season

Crystal Watanabe

The final season of HBO's True Blood will run this summer, and photos from the season premiere have been released online. Last month, the teaser for True Blood's 7th season was released, showing fans that things pick up right after the events of season six, in which a group of vampires infected with Hepatitis V, or Hep-V, descend upon a human and vampire gathering at Bellefleur's in Bon Temps.

The first episode of True Blood will be titled, "Jesus Gonna Be Here" and is directed by star Stephen Moyer, who plays vampire Bill Compton. Moyer also directed the season premiere for season 6 of True Blood.

In last year's season finale, a lot of things were shaken up in the town before the appearance of the infected vampires. Sookie and Alcide are officially together. Sam Merlotte's bar was taken over by Arlene and renamed to Bellefleur's. Sam Merlotte himself was elected mayor of Bon Temps. The daylight walking vampires, who were literally basking in the sun with Warlow's blood, suddenly were struck down by the power of the sun when Warlow is killed by Jason Stackhouse, including True Blood fan favorite Eric Northman, who is last seen sunbathing in the nude on a snowy mountaintop.

Not to worry though, True Blood showrunner Brian Buckner confirmed that Alexander Skarsgaard is still a regular cast member in the final season, but it's unclear yet as to what capacity that is. He's notably missing from the images released today.

The party being held at Bellefleur's was Mayor Merlotte's idea to foster relationships between humans and healthy vampires for protection purposes.

Yet while the images are being reported as being from the season premiere, a few seem like they could just be season images in general. If so, that at least confirms who makes it out of the party attack.

Some True Blood fans were miffed last season when the finale jumped a whopping six months mid-episode and robbed Sookie-Alcide shippers of their initial sex scene. But Buckner shook off the worry when Entertainment Weekly spoke to him last fall. The weekly entertainment mag asked if those shippers would get the scene they wanted. "Would it be True Blood without it? If we had put that scene back-to-back with the Jason-Violet scene, everybody would say that we're pandering. Sometimes we can wait for things."

Well, to quote the show's marketing, #WaitingSucks.

True Blood premieres June 22, 2014.

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