Justin Bieber Stops Traffic In NYC As Frenzied Fans Mob Pop Prince [Video]

Justin Bieber took New York City by storm when he was mobbed by hundreds of fans outside his hotel on Wednesday, April 30.

The kid’s still got it!

Justin Bieber was greeted with a pop prince’s welcome by hundreds of young, screaming fans as he returned to his hotel in New York City on Wednesday.

According to Splash News, onlookers yelled “Get out of the way,” and “Calm down” to no avail as frenzied teens surrounded the 20-year-old’s blacked out SUV with reportedly no concern for their own safety.

Justin stood up through an open sunroof and attempted to placate the crowd by gesturing and politely asking them to clear the road so his driver could park the vehicle.

Shaking hands and blowing kisses to as many fans as he could, eventually the singer’s SUV was able to move to the hotel garage.

Uundaunted Beliebers tried to enter the area even as the door closed and had to be pushed back by a nearly overwhelmed security.

Bieber could certainly be forgiven for enjoying the euphoric moment as both good news and bad news hit the Canadian this week.

The “Believe” singer’s relationship with on-off girlfriend Selena Gomez has apparently bitten the bullet, demonstrated by the Latina’s unfollowing of Justin on Instagram last week and his return in kind yesterday.

The pair resumed their relationship in March and were spotted in Texas and Miami before an ill-fated date at Coachella in Indio, Calif., on April 13, where Bieber made a surprise onstage appearance as hype man for MC pal Chance The Rapper.

Justin and Selena were described as being inseparable at Coachella in multiple reports. But after Selena’s Instagram unfollow of Kylie and Kendall Jenner after spending weekend one with the sisters, claims of a feud surfaced.

Selena was reportedly angered by Kylie and Kendall’s flirting with Bieber and his crew at a party at his rented pad they all attended.

While Us Weekly states Gomez has “no issues” with the Jenners and has now drawn a line under the incident, she is reportedly moving on from her romance with Bieber.

“It got messy. Selena said the Jenner girls were flirting with Justin and his crew, a source tells the magazine.

The insider adds, “She [Gomez] was pissed and overreacted.”

On a more positive note, Bieber and his Miami lawyers have just won a legal victory against a paparazzo who is suing the singer and one of his bodyguards in a civil battery lawsuit.

Celebrity paparazzo Jeffrey Binion claims the 20-year-old superstar ordered his bodyguard, Hugo Hesny, to confront him physically last June.

In a motion which was heard before Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Sarah Zabel on April 1, Binion’s attorney, Mark DiCowden, asked the Judge to allow punitive damages should Binion win the lawsuit at trial.

DiCowden filed his motion based on what he alleged were 11 other cases of alleged assaults carried out against photographers by Bieber’s bodyguards.

DiCowden argued punitive damages would deter future assaults against photographers.

However, the Judge has denied Binion’s attempt to seek damages above and beyond what would normally be awarded if Bieber loses the case.

On Wednesday, Radar Online reported Judge Zabel stated in her ruling:

“Jeffrey Binion failed to make a reasonable showing by evidence in the record or proffer that a reasonable basis for recovery of punitive damages exists in this case.”

The documents went on: “Without making such a reasonable showing, Jeffrey Binion is not permitted to seek punitive damages against Defendants Justin Bieber and Hugo Hesny in this proceeding.”

Speaking to E! News Wednesday, Hesny’s attorney Elias R Hilal said Zabel’s ruling was a crucial legal victory.

“This was a big win for us because we can now focus on this one isolated incident as opposed to having the public distracted by allegations of other incidents. This will prevent the plaintiff from turning this case into the circus show that they were trying to make it,” he said in a statement.

Hilal added:

“If the court would have allowed the plaintiff to seek punitive damages the defendant’s personal finances, which are completely irrelevant, would have been made available to the plaintiff, thus attempting to potentially extort the parties into a settlement as opposed to winning on the merits.”

Justin is strongly rumored to be visting New York City to shoot for a to-be-announced Calvin Klein campaign with — ironically — Kendall Jenner.

A spokesperson for the designer declined to comment on the speculation to E! News.

On Monday, Justin and Kendall were spotted arriving separately at an NYC studio, shortly after dining at Manhattan’s Nobu for sushi.

As usual, updating his over 51 million fans on Twitter and 15 million plus on Instagram, Justin posted an Instagram of the fans’ mobbing and expressed his appreciation to the faithful.

Notably, fans appear to be standing by the pop prince despite his many legal woes, perhaps because they know he may need it.

Your love doesn’t go unrecognized http://t.co/BgRxQU0UM3 — Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) April 30, 2014