Watch This Tiny Video Of A Tiny Hamster Eating A Tiny Burrito!

So, there is this new video that just started to go viral, and it basically shows nothing but a tiny hamster eating tiny, custom-made burritos for him. The video also shows a nervous cook worried as to whether the hamster would like his preparation. There is no background to the video, no story — nothing. There is background music, though. The creators haven’t told why they are doing this and what the purpose of the video is. All we know is that it is incredibly cute, and that it is a must watch. The video ends with the Hamster looking for even more Burritos and the cook’s face glowing with contentment.

Some of the comments on the video are hilarious. One of the YouTube comments actually says that the “Internet was created for this”. To be frank, I don’t actually disagree. The YouTube channel where it has been uploaded to only has two videos uploaded to it thus far, the first one (Titled Bubble Porn) being just three weeks ago.

That one has already gone past two million plus views. We’re pretty sure this tiny Hamster eating tiny burritos video is going to end up having a similar fate.

And remember to let us know what you think about it. Okay?

[Image via YouTube]