Justin Bieber Drops ‘We Were Born For This,’ And It Is Spellbinding

Justin Bieber is in a giving mood. Following up his new music release at the weekend, Sir Bizzle drops ‘We Were Born For This’ and it’s a revelation.

“We Were Born For This” is Justin Bieber second surprise new song in less than two days.

It arrives hot on the heels of the 20-year-old’s weekend release “Hard 2 Face Reality” which was pleasant enough, but this new cut is leagues beyond it.

Singing like a songbird while effortlessly moving between falsetto and chest voice, the Biebs goes back to basics, stripping down to voice and acoustic, trippy guitar — and the effect is spellbinding.

It’s hard to make out all the lyrics because the Canadian has melismas for days, but We Were Born For This finds Bieber vowing he will no longer waste the opportunities he’s been given while quietly and powerfully insisting he is here to stay.

Interestingly, Bieber is often accused of entitlement or squandering his talents and fortune, most recently by actress Betty White and soul singer Smokey Robinson.

It seems the message may be getting through.

“Look at all the choices / Choices in this world / Worlds spinning on freedom / Freedom for the boys and girls /But the boys and the girls they don’t know what love is like / Love is like appreciation mixed in a double cup of sprite,” Justin sings, with a nod to a rumor TMZ may find of note.

A one line bridge reads: “So can we go no left or right / you go your way and I’ll go mine,” before an underplayed but effective chorus.

Chorus: “Causes this is my time / And I won’t waste it thinking ’bout what you gotta say / Cause I’m here to stay (repeat.)”

A subtly strong song that simultaneously speaks to critics and fans, a particularly poignant lyric section in We Were Born For This sees Bieber close out the record reassuring his fans: “Look at all the people standing outside / So dedicated,” adding:

“Your love doesn’t go unrecognized /Whoa oh /Your love doesn’t go unrecognized.”

Clearly, Bieber will be using his new “Sir Bizzle” SoundCloud account to roll out free songs in the future and stay connected to fans before his in-progress new album drops. It’s loosely slated for 2015.

If even some of those songs are of the quality of today’s, it’s a gift.

Currently in NYC to reportedly shoot a Calvin Klein underwear campaign, Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun hinted at big news ahead in an Instagram post on Sunday.

It ran alongside a black and white picture of Bieber being mobbed by fans in New York City on Saturday, April 26, the day he arrived in the Big Apple.

Braun’s caption read:

“Jb in nyc this week. The next steps are going to shock the world!! Very proud of him. How we get back up define us as a man. How we handle hardship.”

He added, “He is ready! Plus this pic is amazing.”

Justin Bieber Meeting Fans In NYC

(Photo: Instagram.)

Despite ongoing legal woes which made Bieber’s re-entry into the US somewhat interesting, and which include a July 7 starting DUI trial, an assault case in Toronto and an egging case that took a leap on Friday — and allegedly not in Justin’s favor, the singer’s tweets remain defiantly positive.

After tweeting out “We Were Born For This,” Bieber posted a YouTube of his friend Pastor Carl Lentz holding service at the famous Hillsong Church NYC.

To many, Bieber’s invoking of religion probably sits at odds with the risky actions that have got him into trouble, but it seems the singer is now reflecting on his dramatic 2013 and 2014 and possibly making necessary changes.

The spellbinding “We Were Born For This” gets our replay-that-song-now award, but what do you think: Loathe, like or love?