Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 22. Burke Is Back. [VIDEO]

We've been anticipating the return of Burke to Grey's Anatomy, expecting it to be a big event. The show has created an ingenious way to bring Isiah Washington back to the cast. Cristina answers questions at a conference when she has a conversation with Burke. But, she doesn't realize it's him until he steps into the light. It's been so many years that we can actually believe this situation could happen in real life.

But we all want to know why Burke is back on Grey's Anatomy now? It's not really clear why Grey's Anatomy decided to bring him back. But one possible explanation, albeit the easy way in, is that Burke was at the conference anyway and just happened to see Cristina while he was there. Another possible story line is that he wants to mess with her mind a bit more. The audience doesn't know what happened for this character since he left Cristina. It may have caused him to wake up and realize that he left behind something that might have been life changing for him. Something that could have been one of the best influences in his life is now something that he will never have again.

Cristina and Burke do have a very vibrant history. On Grey's Anatomy Burke was her mentor not to mention almost her husband. Burke helped Cristina become the surgeon and woman she is on the show today. Sandra Oh, who plays Cristina, announced on her Twitter on Thursday that it was her last day of shooting for Grey's Anatomy and her time as 'cardio god' Cristina yang is done.

This brings us to our next question, what happens to Cristina Yang? Many thing she will head off to Europe for work. This theory blends well with Harper Avery. She believes that as long as she works at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, the fictitious hospital of Grey's Anatomy, she will never win the award she so desperately seeks. Obviously Burke will play a role in her leaving, but fans need to check in and find out to what extent that role is. Grey's Anatomy airs on ABC on Thursday nights.

Twitter has been on fire with the new sneak peak of Season 10 Episode 22, "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together".

One thing is for sure, Grey's Anatomy has a strong following of people who really are in touch with the show. The following is heavily invested, viral and feel almost part of Grey's Anatomy.