Stephen Curry And Warriors Tie Up Series Amid Controversy Surrounding Clippers Owner

Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors decided that they had seen enough of the Blake Griffin show. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Griffin dominated in Games 2 and 3 of the playoff series between the Warriors and Clippers. On Sunday, Stephen Curry showed everyone that he too can be a dominant force on the court as he led the way to a definitive victory for his team.

Curry led all scorers on the night with 33 points. Stephen also shot 50% from behind the arc, and dished out 7 assists according to USA Today. It was the type of performance from Curry that the Warriors needed if they were going to stay in this series, and when his team needed it the most Stephen stepped up big, and proved once again that he is a truly effective scorer. As the below clip from SB Nation shows, Stephen can play a little defense as well.

Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry denies JJ Redick's shot in Game 4 of the Clippers/Warriors NBA playoff series.

That’s Curry putting the ball back in JJ Redick’s face. Stephen wasn’t the only one on the floor playing defense however, as everyone seemed to be contributing to the effort of trying to shut Curry down in Game 4; even the referees.

According to Bleacher Report, Curry actually missed that shot, perhaps making referee Joey Crawford the only person on the court who was able to stop him.

The Warriors took the win 118-97 behind Stephen Curry’s dominance, as they went to a smaller line-up on Sunday night in order to put their shooters on the floor to put up points, bringing the series to a 2-2 tie, and making it one of the most dramatic and compelling on-court matchups in the first round of the playoffs.

Of course the on-court action isn’t the only drama in this series, following the release of audio recordings of Clippers owner Donald Sterling making multiple racist remarks as previously reported by The Inquisitr. Most interesting of all is the fact that Sterling was reportedly set to receive an NAACP lifetime achievement award. Those plans have likely changed.

Clipper players began Sunday’s game with a silent protest and sign of solidarity according to USA Today, with players shedding their warm-up jerseys and going through the pregame routine with their red shirts on inside out. They also wore black bands on their wrists or arms and black socks.

Perhaps the off-court distraction took its toll on the Clippers, but Stephen Curry and the Warriors did not hesitate to take advantage. Game 5 will take place on Tuesday as both teams head back to LA. Two days ago it seemed that the Warriors needed to find an answer for Blake Griffin, now maybe the Clippers need to find an answer for Stephen Curry.

[Feature Image Courtesy USA Today]