Nicki Minaj Makes The Switch To The Big Screen In ‘The Other Woman’

You can now count Nicki Minaj as the next musician turned actress. Many musicians have crossed over from music to film, but in order to do it well and be successful a musician needs to prove their worth in the film industry. One of those tests is proving that acting comes natural, and as far as Minaj is concerned it seems like she has it down pat.

It’s easy to assume that the spit fire rapper has been preparing for this moment for a while. Minaj, who’s known for her successful album Pink Friday has tried on multiple characters on her records by taking on different personas in her dynamic raps.

This weekend Minaj tentatively dipped into her first huge effort to transition from music to acting. Nicki was seen on the big screen in the box office hit The Other Woman starring Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton and Leslie Mann. Although her part is small, Minaj made a good impression and got large laughs for her role as Lydia, the sassy assistant to her lawyer boss Carla, played by Cameron Diaz. As Diaz’s assistant, Minaj had a few suggestions on how the three women could seek revenge on the man they were all unknowingly sleeping with.

The role wasn’t a huge departure from Nicki’s public persona, but some people have made a career out of playing extensions of themselves, especially when it comes to the comedy genre.

During The Other Woman junket Nicki Minaj made it known that she’s not done with acting, and that this wasn’t a one time role. Apparently, Minaj is taking this side career very seriously, and as far as she’s concerned, the rapper says she’s just getting “my feet wet.”

Speaking with MTV News Minaj said she has intentions on going further with her acting career, “It gave me an idea as to what the world would be like… And now that I know it’s something I can do, I think I want to expand a role eventually.”

The Roman Reloaded rapper admits that she’s even going on auditions in an effort to see where acting will lead her.

“I am going on auditions, and I’m trying to find the right role with the right director and the right writers. I want to be part of something from the beginning stage this time, and I want the role to be custom-made for me.”

Of her personas Minaj said that it only adds to the potential material that she could explore on the big screen.

“I have such a versatile personality. … Some days I feel like I wanna do a Will Ferrell comedy; some days I feel like I wanna do more like a ‘Set It Off’-type of movie with some other young black actresses and like creating a movement with that. And sometimes I think, maybe I could do ‘X-Men’ or something.”

The Other Woman took the top spot at the box office this weekend.

[Image Credit: Twentieth Century Fox]