One Direction's Midnight Memories Vinyl Edition Release Pays Homage To 80's Music

2013 was an excellent year for One Direction with their latest album of that year, Midnight Memories, being proclaimed the "best selling album of 2013." Riding on what they established, this year promises sold out concerts across the globe as the Midnight Memories Tour, which kicked off in Bogota, Colombia on the 25th of this month and will reach U.S. shores on August 4th in New Jersey. As a special gift to the fans who are waiting for them to come to their home town, One Direction leaked a peek at a new vinyl disc they plan to put out as the tour progresses. The boys decided to throw away their clean, wholesome image this time around, and soccer moms everywhere will be swooning as the cover revives their long ago dreams of high school rock and roll insanity.

Dressed in tiger-striped jumpers, wide forehead bandanas and wielding the classic "V"-shaped guitars, One Direction reminds us of the roots that many tried to hide from. It's if they had ground up Vince Neil of Motley Crue fame and snorted lines of the remains, turning into rock titans during an age when technology was IBM and typewriters were the biggest fad. They put a good bit of acting into the photos that appeared on the popular social media site Tumblr on the 13th of April, imitating the drug infused haze a good number of musicians were in during the era. Complete with face paint and hippie-style wigs,This new release whose only hint to a title is the songs Midnight Memories hard to imagine not digging this one out of your dad's record box.

Still, good luck trying to convince Niall's dad he isn't on drugs.
Good humor aside, good luck trying to convince Niall's dad he isn't on drugs.

The special edition vinyl release of Midnight Memories is sure to please those waiting for the action to come closer to home, but for those who wish they could be with the heartthrobs now, Niall hit Instagram with some memories of his own, taken while they were rehearsing for the tour, giving fans the delight of seeing what goes on in the background before the show ever starts. Dozens of silver-lined black crates holding the musicians gear line the walls, loose wires pass under tarps that partially cover floors, and lights are examined while the band tests the quality of sound coming out of the speakers. It's everyday life for them, a dream for the rest of us. But at least we get to see a little peek into what it takes to be a famous rock star of the Eighty...err...Twenty-Teens. And it looks as fun now as it did back in the day. Though One Direction will probably remember all of it.

As an added bonus, check out the Midnight Memories Tour as it kicked off in Bogota, Colombia below: