Pittsburgh Steelers to do list

The Pittsburgh Steelers came up just short in 2010, and they may be in need of a guy that puts them over the top, or they may be willing to stick with what they got and go for another championship their way. The Steelers have a system, and that system is incredibly effective, and the window on their championship run has not even closed a little bit. They look pretty good on paper, but upgrades may be needed here and there.

At the offensive skill positions they have no major free agency concerns. Since they added OT Marcus Gilbert and OL Keith Williams via the 2011 NFL draft I do not see major free agency concerns along their O line either. They could resign their own guys or look for upgrades via free agency. Or, they could stick and still feel very good about their offense.

In the front seven on defense they also look pretty solid. They did add a DL, and a OLB in the draft so much like the offense they could work to resign their own talent or seek free agency upgrades. Their biggest free agency corner comes at corner, but sine they drafted two corners in the draft even that is not much of a concern. Again they could look for upgrades as they develop their youngsters or stick with what they got, resign their talent and feel very comfortable.

The Steelers are a great organization and that is why they do not have much to do to feel comfortable. Of course, that is not the same as constantly improving the team to stay at an elite level. I expect them to be active and work towards improving their roster when and where they can.

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