Caroline Kennedy Puts Divorce Rumors To Rest As Husband Joins Her During Obama Visit

Nathan Francis

Caroline Kennedy has faced divorce rumors for years, but a visit to Japan by President Obama may have helped put them to rest.

Kennedy and husband Ed Schlossberg married in 1986 after five years of dating, and for years appeared to be a happy couple. But as the years went on there were reports of problems between the two, and to outsiders they appeared to take on separate lives. Ed lived in an apartment on Manhattan's West Village while Caroline stayed in a mansion on Park Avenue.

Though they seemed to be content living apart for years, reports say that Caroline Kennedy nearly ended up in divorce after taking a high profile ambassadorship to Japan. Kennedy was nominated for the post last year and sailed through her confirmation hearing, but reports said that Schlossberg was tired of Caroline putting her career before family and was ready to file for divorce.

Indeed, when Caroline moved to Japan, Ed opted to stay in New York. This fueled divorce rumors even more, though the couple remained married and Ed visits the Asian nation often.

Caroline Kennedy had tried to make an entry into politics before, seeking an appointment by the New York governor for the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Hillary Clinton in 2008. But that big ended badly, with a series of embarrassing media appearances and dogged questions about her financial situation.

In an interview with Chuck Todd, Caroline Kennedy said denied that she was fazed by the failed bid, but did not address any ramification on her marriage.

But president Obama's trip to Japan has eyes turned back to Kennedy, and her personal life is suddenly a topic of interest. While information on for Caroline Kennedy divorce rumors became one of the biggest internet searches of the day, Caroline and her husband put some of those rumors to bed. Ed Schlossberg was by his wife's side as Obama visited, and together they accompanied the president to a $300 sushi dinner at a famed underground restaurant.