Virginia Destroyers unveil their uniforms

So we finally know what the Virginia Destroyers will be wearing when the United Football League debuts for the 2011 season. These are the jerseys and we do not yet know which will be home and which will be away, but we do know that the helmets will be a mostly gray affair with the team’s main logo affixed to them. Overall I am pretty positive about these jerseys of course I would like to see what color pants they will be wearing with them. My best guess at this point would be gray pants with red and blue striping.

I do have to say though, that these jerseys and some of the helmet designs I have glimpsed are a little on the safe side. Again, I am a little critical on this league staying so conservative with their color schemes. Of course I did not like the neon things they wore in year one so anything is an improvement on them.

However if the Helmets do end up being gray, that will give the UFL two teams with silver or gray as their primary color (the Destroyers and Las Vegas Locos, two with Gold as a primary color (Hartford Colonials and Sacramento Mountain Lions), and one with black as a primary color (Omaha Nighthawks). I would like to see this league think out side the box. I am of course thinking of some of the teams in the old USFL, which were pretty inventive.

The red of the Destroyers is a very nice shade, and I would like to see the helmets primarily in that color. It would be something very different to the norm that we see in other leagues and in the college game.

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