Louisiana Creating Database Of Residents Who May Be A ‘Risk To The State’

Tara Dodrill - Author

Apr. 23 2014, Updated 2:23 p.m. ET

Louisiana is making a citizen database to store information about residents who may represent a “risk to the state,” according to State Representative Chris Broadwater. The Comprehensive Person Profile was developed by the SAS software company. The contractor reportedly utilizes personal information from all state governmental agencies to create citizen data entries into a single, centralized file system.

The citizen database will allegedly be used as an aid in pinpointing “future criminals” and permit the state of Louisiana to “intervene” in the lives of residents to offer suggestions and guidance on factors such as mental and physical health and criminal at-risk behaviors, if Representative Broadwater’s assessment is accurate.

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The Louisiana Comprehensive Person Profile was initially created to battle unemployment claims and worker’s compensation fraud. The centralized data warehouse allowed all government agencies in the state to both access and submit information on residents. Broadwater stated that the citizen database is being used to determine which residents might be a risk to the state “down the road” based upon the facts in the data entries. The lawmaker also noted during a recent interview that governmental authorities could now quickly determine if an individual is likely at risk for incarceration in the future.

The Comprehensive Person Profile database public relations announcements have reportedly introduced the systems as a means to make the lives of Louisiana citizens better because it will allow enhanced speed when renewing a driver’s license and other routine government forms.

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If Broadwater is correct, even information about resident’s children will be included in the citizen database in Louisiana. An activist group known as The People, LLC is urging voters to support HB 1076, a data privacy bill. The legislation would reportedly pave the way to nullify policies which allowed the sharing of at least some personal family information in the state database.

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Excerpt from The People, LLC website:

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“The People, LLC is a partnership between two citizens who have come together to actively engage in the legislative process in Louisiana. Our goals are to ensure that: all laws and regulations fall within the confines of the Constitution; and, the rights of every citizen are protected. The People, LLC was created in response to observations made during the 2010 Louisiana Legislative Regular Session: ONLY special interest groups, or “stakeholders”, were represented by the actions of our Legislative and Executive Branches. Also, whenever we addressed the committees, the members were very interested in knowing, “Who are you with?” Being with no group or lobby, but armed with facts and the Constitution, we always responded that we were “with” no one—we were just citizens coming to take part in the debate. With the full intention of returning to session in March of 2014, we will use this site to focus on providing the most comprehensive information possible in regard to the most pressing issues facing the only “stakeholders” who should matter–LA’s individual citizens.”

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According to The People, LLC website, HB 164 reauthorizes the Louisiana Workforce Commission for four more years. The bill is scheduled to be heard in the state senate labor committee on April 24.

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