Selena Gomez’s Highest Stake ‘Role’ Yet: In Justin Bieber Lawsuit Deposition

Selena Gomez will testify Saturday at a deposition for a lawsuit filed against her on-off boyfriend Justin Bieber, by a paparazzo who alleges Bieber assaulted him in 2012. Selena is about to star in the highest stakes role to date, as a witness in a case that could cost her beau millions — depending on what she says.

Selena Gomez is set to testify Saturday in a deposition for a lawsuit filed against her on-off boyfriend Justin Bieber by a Los Angeles paparazzo, who alleges the heartthrob assaulted him in 2012.

The court hearing was originally scheduled to take place April 23 but was pulled at the last minute. Given the circus that surrounds either Bieber or Gomez, the deposition location is being kept a secret to avoid crazy scenes outside the Los Angeles law offices the starlet will be deposed at.

It’s all a far cry from the former Disney star’s world of red carpet premieres and the shiny, pop confection Gomez is known for and highly successful at.

If her deposition is anything like Bieber’s last month for another paparazzo-brought lawsuit, Selena will be grilled for hours, expected to answer highly invasive questions under oath and possibly videotaped.

Gomez has been summoned to testify in a civil assault and battery lawsuit filed last June by paparazzo Jose Osmin Hernandez Duran.

Selena was on a date with Bieber at The Commons shopping mall in Calabasas, California, in May 2012. Duran alleges he was kicked in the stomach and punched by the Canadian in a parking lot during an argument witnessed by Selena.

According to reports, Gomez allegedly tried to calm Justin down and apologized to Duran when she retrieved Bieber’s cell from the scene after the alleged altercation.

A source previously told E! News Duran’s lawyer will question Selena on what she may have witnessed that day, before and after, her possible conversations with Justin about paparazzi, whether she has ever seen him take controlled substances, their relationship and more.

The actress-singer is also set to be subpoenaed in Bieber’s ongoing civil assault lawsuit filed by paparazzo Jeffrey Binion, who claims the 20-year-old ordered bodyguards to attack him last June after he was spotted taking photographs.

During Bieber’s appearance at his Miami deposition in the Binion suit, he refused to answer Gomez-related queries put by Binion’s lawyer, Mark DiCowden.

DiCowden has since filed motions asking that Bieber be filed for contempt over his behavior in his first deposition and attend a second.

A Miami-Dade Circuit Court judge is yet to rule on those motions.

Gossip Extra previously reported the attorney has been negotiating with Gomez’ lawyers for her to be deposed in the Binion suit, adding the Latina’s camp want her statements to remain confidential.

“One of the hallmarks of our constitution is an open court system,” DiCowden told Gossip Extra. “I want Selena’s testimony to be as public as Justin’s.”

For Gomez, the deposition comes at what is evidently a reflective time for the star.

Having recently purchased a home in Calabasas, California, she terminated her parents as her managers last month and recently signed to WME and Brillstein in a move designed to develop an adult career in both music and movies.

The 21-year-old attended Coachella with Kylie and Kendall Jenner during the first weekend of the festival. On day three, Gomez was seen watching Bieber from the side of the stage for his surprise onstage appearance with Chance The Rapper.

Gomez and Bieber were said to be “having a good time in each other’s company,” and also seen holding hands by eyewitnesses.

Shortly after attending the festival Gomez posted moody Instagram photos, one of which was a screenshot of a Mary J. Blige review of her tortured lyrics on her song “Work in Progress (Growing Pains)” from her 2007 album Growing Pains.

Selena then ‘unfollowed’ everyone on her Instagram feed, beginning with the Jenner sisters, whose photos she also deleted.

Amid rife speculation and typically over-blown tabloid claims, surer reports by E! News and TMZ stated Gomez had an “epiphany” following Coachella and is clearing her life of “toxic” distractions and what she believes are negative influences.

Selena is “reevaluating her friendships and relationships with certain people which is why she had an Instagram purge,” E! added, while also noting she is focusing on her music and attending church regularly.

Radar reports Selena was spotted Tuesday at Pastor Judah Smith’s Christian “Jesus Is” tour with Bieber’s pal Ryan Good in Echo Park’s Angelus Temple. Pastor Smith is a mutual friend of Good, Bieber and Gomez.

Justin and Selena have been spotted together many times this year after initially splitting up in November 2012. After sightings in Texas, Miami, and Coachella, the pair are believed to have rekindled their romance.

While Gomez does not follow the Jenners or Swift on any social network, she is still following Bieber and vice versa on Twitter.

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