Zayn Malik And Perrie Edwards Relationship Under Fire Again

Zayn Malik, the One Direction heartthrob, and his fiance Perrie Edwards have come under fire repeatedly from One Direction fans for their romance, and it looks like there might not be an end to the constant belittling banter any time soon. While some followers of the band have voiced support for Perrie and Zayn, most have lashed out mercilessly, sending death threats and insults in Perrie’s direction.

In a recent article posted to, Zayn Malik’s aunt steps up to defend the two. Known on Twitter as bride_zileh, Malik’s aunt has posted several updates speaking out against fans who have spoken ill of the One Direction star and the Little Mix singer. She has been quoted as saying, ‘Get a life, the lot of you.’

Malik and Edwards will supposedly celebrate their two year anniversary as a couple this week, although the exact date of their initial romantic involvement remains a mystery. The two were officially engaged last August when Malik popped the question.

Recently, Perrie Edwards opened an Instagram account, posting photos which have caused additional controversy. According to online teen magazine J-14, Perrie Edwards is stirring up criticism for photos she recently posted of herself wearing an Native American headdress. Edwards has faced backlash as she was labeled a ‘racist’ and critics are calling for her to take the photos down. One user even accused her of ‘cultural appropriation’, while another advised Perrie to stop being racist, recognise your mistakes and apologise.’

Earlier in the year, Harry Styles, another member of One Direction, also came under fire when he posted similar pictures of himself in a full Native American headdress.

Adding insult to injury, heart broken fans of the One Direction star Zayn Malik have come out against Perrie Edwards calling her ‘ugly’, ‘desperate,’ and a ‘gold digger’. To show his support for Perrie, Zayn chose to delete his Twitter account at one point due to the hurtful slurs hurled at both him and his fiance.

Despite the whirlwind controversy, the couple continues to plan their nuptials. The planning will allegedly continue throughout the One Direction Where We Are world tour. The first leg of the tour begins in Bogota, Columbia on April 25th, 2014 and runs throughout the majority of the rest of the year. It is unknown at this time whether or not Perrie Edwards will join Zayn and the rest of the One Direction company backstage at any of the shows during the tour, though the possibility definitely exists.

[Photo Credit: Huffington Post]