Rock Climbing College Climbing Series Competition 2014 Hosted By USA Climbing [Photo] [Video]

USA Climbing recently hosted a rock climbing competition called the College Climbing Series Nationals, and we’ve got photos and a video to prove it!

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The interesting part about this rock climbing contest is that it was hosted by On The Edge Rock Climbing gym… which happens to be located in Florida. Yeah, I know, right? Let’s have some of the best college rock climbers come to one of the flattest states in order to compete. Of course, there was an ulterior motive, since the contest hosts also joked about the climbers receiving a prize for the worst sunburn.

In any case, there were college climbers from all over the United States, from coast to coast. The guys and girls from Texas University outnumbered practically everyone else, and it was hard to miss them in their matching orange T-shirts. They numbered 24 people strong while the second largest college, Northereastern University of Massachusetts, had only 12 people. To give you an idea how packed the gym was, there were 33 colleges represented at this event.

The College Climbing Series nationals competition was split up into three events. The first was a timed bouldering event that give each contender a short amount of time to figure out the problem. If climbers fell they could attempt to try again. The second was a speed climbing event where everyone had a chance to try out two routes (and when I say everyone I mean it… the first guy up the wall was wearing regular sneakers!).

The last event was sport climbing, which had guys and girls attempting a very difficult route winding up to about 55 feet in the air. But if they fell that was it. Not a single guy finished their climb, although the last competitor came awfully close. But, quite honestly, the female route seemed much harder since it involved going copmletely vertical on a cliff face shaped like Florida, only to work their way underneath a wooden box suspended in the air. Most of the girls only made it halfway up this route, but fortunately Delaney Miller of CSU Fort Collins managed to pull it off right at the end of the night.

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If you want the USA Climbing College Climbing Series results I suggest heading over to their page. This article is mostly focused on the photos and the video we took of the event. But I’ll just say that Texas University simply was not the largest contender, they also accumulated the highest number of points by far.