Police Arrests Cape Town Resident Who Hit And Killed Two 6–Year Olds

Police have arrested the man who hit two 6-year-old boys with his car on Saturday in Cape Town, South Africa. The man has been charged with culpable homicide and will be presented before a judge tomorrow.

Two 6-year-old boys were killed on Symphony Way in Bellville, Cape Town, after a 33–year old man hit them with his car. ER 24 spokesman Werner Vermaak revealed that when paramedics arrived they found people standing around the lifeless bodies of the boys. Apparently the impact of the vehicle had caused instant death.

“On further assessment they [paramedics] found that both boys sustained severe fatal injuries. Unfortunately, there was nothing that paramedics could do for them and they were declared dead on the scene,” Vermaak confirmed.

The hit-and-run case was apparently caused by an errant driver in a station wagon that bystanders said had veered off the road and collided with the boys on the side of the road. It was a truly unfortunate event, with family members having reached the scene and broken down into tears. The area was cordoned off and the boys were taken away in an ambulance followed by a patrol car, reported The Citizen.

Cape Town Witnessed Two Fatal Accidents In A Single Day

Once the hit-and-run case was officially handed to the Cape Town police, it was handled very swiftly and the law has caught up with they believe to be the perpetrator. Though the police aren’t divulging many details, the 33–year old man believed to be driving the vehicle, is a resident of Cape Town itself, reported eNCA.

However, the police can’t be credited with actually cracking the case, since the man abandoned his vehicle a short distance away from the incident. The car, identified as a green Daewoo, was spotted at the crime scene and police then established the owner’s details. Upon contacting the owner, he turned himself in.

Cape Town witnessed two separate incidents within a span of a day. Earlier, a man on a scooter collided with a BMW. Though it isn’t clear who was speeding, the crash was fatal for the scooter driver was later declared dead on the scene, reported The Citizen. The BMW driver was reported to be unharmed. A case has been officially filed and police are investigating the cause of the incident.

Cape Town recently witnessed a flurry of activity owing to the visit from President Zuma. It included multiple revisions in security protocol. But these incidents surely dampened the festivities of celebrating 20 years of democracy.

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